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Five Star Rating for Unity Home

We have received some fantastic news about the exceptional performance of our Unity Homes. Rear Exterior of Vermont Xyla. This home received a 5 Star Plus Certification for excellence in energy efficiency, is 56% more energy efficient than a home built to current code and 86% more efficient than the average American home. (Photos [...]

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Unity Homes Outperform Other High Performance Homes

There are several key differentiators between our new Unity Homes and other standard homes built to code on the market, including the design, adaptability, Open-Built processes, off-site construction and prefabricated building. But anyone can SAY their homes are better. We’re backing it up with actual building science. Recently Bensonwood Assistant Project Manager and Energy Analyst, [...]

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New Tools for Calculating Energy Usage in Net Zero Homes

Over the years at Bensonwood we've designed and built a number of LEED certified, Net-Zero homes and commercial buildings, but our team never stops in our quest to learn more, and deliver new and better design/build methods to the benefit of our clients, our world and our structures. (Some noteworthy projects: Unity House which partially [...]

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