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Fall Mountain Food Shelf Receives $12,000 from Bensonwood and Unity Homes’ Fundraiser

Donations Enabled $10,000 Match by Anonymous Donor, Bringing the Total to $22,000 Bensonwood and Unity Homes’ annual fundraiser, the Harvest Hoedown, generated $12,000 which was donated to the Fall Mountain Food Shelf. The Food Shelf, with locations in Langdon and Charlestown, serves residents in New Hampshire’s Sullivan and Cheshire counties. Now in its tenth year, [...]

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Celebrating Milestone Beamers

Each year we gather together in the timberframe shop to reflect on the past year and look to the future. With so much to look forward to, we know our success lies in our team. We wouldn't be where we are without our people. Here is a run down of those we recognized this year. [...]

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Getting Into Your Custom Lake House Sooner

A season saved is a season earned By Rick Reynolds Sooner or later, many of us will succumb to the allure of a custom lake house. But when that decision to take the plunge comes belatedly, sooner can still mean a whole summer sooner with Montage building. Off-site fabrication, with its non-linear, parallel processing—concurrent with [...]

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Banking on “Green” of the Sustainable Kind

Reimagining how banks look and feel, while reducing their long-term costs By Rick Reynolds When the Savings Bank of Walpole wanted to reimagine their new Keene, NH, branch to service the city’s northernmost sector, they hired local green-builder, Bensonwood, of Walpole, NH, to break different ground. As a harbinger for their new branches going forward, [...]

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Bensonwood/Unity Homes Expansion a Boon for Construction Professionals

Expansion to Increase Production, Predictability, Precision and Profitability for Construction Professionals By Rick Reynolds In a recent Builder Online article, CNC and Home Building’s Future, John McManus reflected on the new kinds of tech savvy workers (and by extension, CNC based, automated fabrication facilities) that will be needed to attract construction, engineering and architecture professionals [...]

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The All-Electric House: Back to the Future

By Rick Reynolds It’s been 112 years since the first all-electric bungalow style house at 1155 Avon Road in Schenectady, NY, made its debut. Known as the house without a kitchen chimney, General Electric’s Harry W. Hillman built the experimental demonstration home in 1905 to prove that electricity, alone, could power all the energy requirements [...]

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Green, High-Performance, Multi-Family Housing

Coming to a factory near you By Rick Reynolds Montage builder, Bensonwood, long known for its off-site fabrication of high performance residential and commercial wood structures, is ramping up its production capacity to accommodate an increased demand for green, healthy, multi-family housing. The imperative for wise land and energy use is making these sustainable, multi-family [...]

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What Trees Do

We are inextricably linked to trees (Part One) By Rick Reynolds All school kids learn that trees “breathe” in carbon dioxide, and “exhale” oxygen, which is fortunate for them because, as students, they’ve also learned that they breathe in that oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. While this is a gross oversimplification, it’s easy to remember. [...]

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Engineering the Conversation Plinth

The hardwood CLT structure is the first in the United States By Rick Reynolds The first hardwood cross-laminated timber project in the United States, dubbed “Conversation Plinth,”  and five other installations will form the centerpiece at “Exhibit Columbus,” an annual celebration of architecture, art, design and community in Columbus, IN. This year’s Exhibit Columbus will [...]

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Bensonwood and Unity Homes Proceed with Expansion Plans

By Rick Reynolds Bensonwood, the 44-year old, New Hampshire-based, next-gen prefab builder known for its artful timber frames and energy-efficient home and commercial building envelopes, and Unity Homes, its optimized, platform-based sister company, are moving forward on plans to more than double their existing production capabilities. With the lease signed on 25 Production Avenue in [...]

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