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What Trees Do

We are inextricably linked to trees (Part One) By Rick Reynolds All school kids learn that trees “breathe” in carbon dioxide, and “exhale” oxygen, which is fortunate for them because, as students, they’ve also learned that they breathe in that oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. While this is a gross oversimplification, it’s easy to remember. [...]

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Engineering the Conversation Plinth

The hardwood CLT structure is the first in the United States By Rick Reynolds The first hardwood cross-laminated timber project in the United States, dubbed “Conversation Plinth,”  and five other installations will form the centerpiece at “Exhibit Columbus,” an annual celebration of architecture, art, design and community in Columbus, IN. This year’s Exhibit Columbus will [...]

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Bensonwood and Unity Homes Proceed with Expansion Plans

By Rick Reynolds Bensonwood, the 44-year old, New Hampshire-based, next-gen prefab builder known for its artful timber frames and energy-efficient home and commercial building envelopes, and Unity Homes, its optimized, platform-based sister company, are moving forward on plans to more than double their existing production capabilities. With the lease signed on 25 Production Avenue in [...]

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Backyard Resorts

The convergence of outdoor and indoor living space By Rick Reynolds So, we’ve packed the car, lined up the kids, and taken roll call. We’ve checked the stove for the fourth time. The dog—shaking and sensing abandonment—leaves skid marks as he’s unceremoniously dropped off at the kennel. Now, in the traffic jam on the way [...]

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The “Greenest” House

What is the measure of true sustainability? By Rick Reynolds Some have said that the “greenest house is the one that is already built.” While in many cases this may be true, one could make a compelling argument that the “greenest house” is actually the one that is least likely to be torn down. So [...]

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The Incredible Lightness of Heavy Timber

Seem counterintuitive? Read on. By Rick Reynolds Admittedly, the “lightness of heavy timber” sounds like a contradiction in terms. After all, “heavy timber,” by definition, sounds like a “weighty” subject. But buildings built with heavy timber can be “light” in every sense of the word. Before we get into the lightness of heavy timber [...]

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Serving Multiple Masters

Think multiple master-bedroom suites signify declining intimacy? Think again. By Rick Reynolds In addition to the usual wish list items requested by new homebuyers, multiple master bedroom suites are now trending among modern masters of their own universes. And despite archaic perceptions surrounding the subject, there are myriad reasons for this new shift toward [...]

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Passive Aggressive

Bensonwood to aggressively promote Passive House living By Rick Reynolds In September of 2010, during the Obama administration, the New York Times featured a Passive House story on the front page of its business section: “Can We Build in a Brighter Shade of Green?,”  by Tom Zeller Jr. The story followed a prefabricated Passive House [...]

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New Home Architecture: Who’s driving the bus?

By Rick Reynolds Do homebuyer choices drive future trends in architecture or do future architectural trends affect homebuyer choices? Thankfully, the answer is both. Home buyers, for their part, must anticipate future needs. Where does my home need to be? How many people will live in the house? How much house will I/we be able [...]

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Prefab Quality. Wait, What?

“Montage building” is becoming the wave of the future. By Rick Reynolds Is “prefab quality” an oxymoron? For many people, “quality” is not the first thing that comes to mind when “prefab” or prefabricated is used to describe homes. Indeed, it’s often the last thing. As an adjective, the term “prefab,” short for “prefabricated,” simply [...]

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