Backyard Resorts

//Backyard Resorts

Backyard Resorts

The convergence of outdoor and indoor living space

By Rick Reynolds

So, we’ve packed the car, lined up the kids, and taken roll call. We’ve checked the stove for the fourth time. The dog—shaking and sensing abandonment—leaves skid marks as he’s unceremoniously dropped off at the kennel. Now, in the traffic jam on the way to the airport, the kids are already whining. The TSA line we’ve chosen hasn’t budged in the past half hour and our plane—somehow always 3 concourses and 18 gates away—is boarding. Meanwhile, the security scan turns up a Swiss army knife and your offending offspring is inconsolable over parting with it.

It is then when the notion of a backyard resort really resonates.

These days, when new home buyers are looking to maximize every square foot of usable space, many are taking into account the inner space, outer space, and the in-between spaces that flow from one to the other. Seamlessly transitioning between inner and outer spaces can make the vacation promise a natural, everyday event, without the stress of uprooting anything and everything we’ve held dear.

Window walls, sunrooms, screen porches, decks, trellises, arbors, pavilions, gazebos, porte-cocheres, teahouses, spas, barns, hot tubs, pools, bathhouses, boat houses, tiki huts, cabanas, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, pizza ovens, decks, patios, patio doors, playsets, playhouses, garden sheds, writer’s cabins, yoga studios, carriage houses, and guest cottages are among the dizzying array of options that can offer a seamless transition from the everyday to the exotic without ever leaving the property. And if it’s made with wood, we make it.

And while these amenities can come with a healthy price tag, one’s mental health could well depend on it.

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