BULLETIN: Unity Homes Launches New Website

//BULLETIN: Unity Homes Launches New Website

BULLETIN: Unity Homes Launches New Website

Interview with John Dunbar, Unity Sales

by Rick Reynolds

dunbar_DSC5058Q: John, along with Unity’s newly designed and expanded website launch, I know there has been a lot of activity going on within the company. What can you tell me about it?

A: The new Unity website does, in a sense, signal the end of Phase 1: The introduction of high performance Montage homes to a country hungry for better, healthier, more efficient housing—and the beginning of Phase 2, where the growth of the company has necessitated the need to expand its offering and reach. To date, Unity has built throughout New England, as well as in North Carolina, and more are scheduled for completion this summer in Virginia, Ohio, and the New England states. We have now built all 4 platforms: Tradd, Xyla, Varm, and Zum, including on-slab, full-basement, and walkout-basement. And despite minimal marketing to date, interest and activity is increasing. The new website is a natural evolution as we’ve learned much from so many good questions and ideas from website visitors over the past two years.

Q: What can people expect to see on the new Unity website and how is it different?

A: Well, in addition to having more video, photos and plans, the Unity website has been redesigned to make it abundantly clear that Unity is not just 12 homes derived from 4 platforms, but instead a flexible and adaptive system for achieving a broad spectrum of architectural results and lifestyles. And more plans have been included to give good examples, and show just how adaptable these platforms are.


Q: What about size? Are there larger and smaller plans?

A: Yes. And there are changes in scalability. By that I mean there are two additional paths for Unity prospects currently in development: “Multi” and “Nano.” “Multi” stands for multi-units that can range from a duplex, all the way up to 40 or more units; many derivative of existing Unity designs. At the opposite end of the spectrum, “Nano” will cover small, newly designed homes, smaller than those in the original offering. As part of the “tiny home” concept, they will range from 350-800 SF and represent the latest in efficient living on a small footprint. And regardless of size, these new Unity residences will have all the healthy, high performance properties of our core Unity families.

Q: I can’t help but notice that “Unit” comprises 4/5 of the word “Unity.” Does “multi-unit” imply larger scale Unity projects intended for developers?

A: Definitely. Since its initial launch, Unity has proven to be of interest to two main groups: “direct consumer” and “developers of planned communities.” Because of the intrinsic flexibility of Unity’s Montage design/build process and the high performance of our building envelopes, the potential for groupings of single-family residences in planned communities and multi-unit duplexes/apartments, is more and more catching the attention of builders and developers.

Q: Will Unity’s mission change?

A: No, the mission will remain the same; just more focused, and better positioned for scalability. We will also have more information on the imperative of high performance Montage building and how we’re going to bring our vision within the reach of more homeowners and building professionals.

Q: So, more content?

A: Sure. While Unity is a service and a product, we’re also aspiring to lead important changes in the homebuilding industry. To do that, we must raise the bar about what we should expect from our homes. The new website will offer opportunities to learn more about building performance, building terminology, and in general allow people to imagine and demand a better product when it comes to our most important investment: an investment in the well-being of ourselves and our families, and simultaneously in the environment we all depend on.

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