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A Home Grown Solution

How our housing can help keep carbon out of the atmosphere By Rick Reynolds There’s a whisper campaign among some climate scientists and industrialists involving a technology they say could pull us back from the brink. Dubbed “direct air capture,” it involves industrial plants that act like photosynthesizing plants in capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and [...]

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The “Greenest” House

What is the measure of true sustainability? By Rick Reynolds Some have said that the “greenest house is the one that is already built.” While in many cases this may be true, one could make a compelling argument that the “greenest house” is actually the one that is least likely to be torn down. So [...]

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Bensonwood to Fabricate Writers-in-Residence Cabins

Sustainable CLT studios to usher in a new Pittsfield, MA, Renaissance By Rick Reynolds “The Mastheads,” as the project is dubbed, is named for the lookout point high on the masts of early sailing ships. Each studio is designed to represent a “fragment” of the five structures in the area from which the 19th century [...]

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When the Bell Tolls: Building a Sustainable Future

By Rick Reynolds When the comedian and talk show entertainer, David Letterman, retired after 33 seasons, he had time to think about more serious issues. Following a visit to India, where he said he was greeted by a smell he likened to burning furniture—an odor that never left him—Letterman was faced with a nagging question: [...]

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SuperStudents: Academically Empowered by Green Schools

By Rick Reynolds. How could it be that school buildings can teach in ways teachers cannot? After all, how could an inanimate structure create an environment of creativity and learning that can enhance—even transcend—the dynamic human-to-human interaction between teacher and student? It may seem implausible, but a movement is well underway to educate a new [...]

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Appraising Appraisals: Show Us the Green in Green Homes!

by Rick Reynolds A big conundrum for many environmentally conscientious people intent on building a new home today lies in aligning their values with the financing process. Unfortunately, the construction of renewable energy-reliant, high performance homes is frequently hampered by the inconsistent and archaic appraisal methodologies. Too often, inexperienced appraisers are left with insufficient data [...]

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Making Sustainable Homes the New Normal

Tedd Benson Speaks at Greenbuild 2015, Washington, D.C.  By Rick Reynolds In order to fulfill its social contract with homebuyers, the building industry has a moral obligation to make high quality, low-energy, life-inspiring, sustainable homes that are at the same time, affordable and worthy of the role they play in peoples’ lives; this according to [...]

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Decision Time: Should I Build a Single-Story or Two-Story House?

-By Rick Reynolds One of the first decisions many new home buyers face involves whether to begin with a single-story or two-story space plan. Ultimately, how does one choose one over the other? While there are conflicting—and often very personal—opinions on this subject, depending on your home site and personal circumstances there can be certain [...]

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Green School Movement Building with Bensonwood

by Rick Reynolds In the growing movement towards green schools as transformational hubs of their communities, Bensonwood is finding its montage building science and innovative materials use increasingly in demand. As a recent example, the Common Ground School—a high school, urban farm, and environmental center in New Haven, Connecticut (and Americas longest-running environmental charter school) [...]

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1st evoDOMUS – Bensonwood Project Underway

Architect's Rendering by Alexander Kolbe by Rick Reynolds When husband and wife architects Alexander and Michelle Kolbe, co-founders of evoDOMUS, a Cleveland-based firm, wanted to design and build high-quality, sustainable homes in the U.S., they went looking for a manufacturing partner who could match the quality of homes they built in Alexander’s native [...]

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