The “Greenest” House

What is the measure of true sustainability? By Rick Reynolds Some have said that the “greenest house is the one that is already built.” While in many cases this may be true, one could make a compelling argument that the “greenest house” is actually the one that is least likely to be torn down. So [...]

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SuperStudents: Academically Empowered by Green Schools

By Rick Reynolds. How could it be that school buildings can teach in ways teachers cannot? After all, how could an inanimate structure create an environment of creativity and learning that can enhance—even transcend—the dynamic human-to-human interaction between teacher and student? It may seem implausible, but a movement is well underway to educate a new [...]

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Designing Homes for the Airbnb Age

By Rick Reynolds. For some time now the market has been shifting towards both an “experience economy” and a “shared economy.” Essentially two sides of the same coin, these economies are driven by the ascending generation of American consumers, the Millennials—those born between 1982 and 1994, reaching young adulthood around the year 2000, notably the [...]

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Why Venting Is Good for Your Health

By Rick Reynolds. No, this is not about cooling your jets by blowing off steam. This is, however, about being bottled up inside, at least when it comes to our indoor air. In short, this post is about ventilation science for health and comfort, especially as it pertains to the tight, energy-efficient homes being built [...]

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Just Window Shopping Part 2

Part 2: Meet Glass Master, Dave Levasseur  By Rick Reynolds As the window master at Bensonwood and Unity Homes, Dave Levasseur goes to great panes (sorry) to match each custom home, commercial structure or public building with the optimum window choices. And despite his easy-going nature, the seriousness he brings to the job is, for [...]

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Tranquility Base: Reassessing the Energy-Efficient Home

By Rick Reynolds Despite the growing movement to make our homes more operationally and environmentally sustainable, many homebuyers are left scratching their heads over the cost/benefit analysis. Especially in times of cheap oil, talk of energy-efficient, super-insulated, tightly-sealed houses can fall on deaf ears. So, while lowering one’s carbon footprint can make both economic and [...]

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Pathways to Designing High-Performance Buildings

By Rick Reynolds  One of the challenges to building a durable, healthy, high-performance home or commercial building lies in determining who should design it. The range of choices and decisions are many, and expenses can easily mount without a firm hand on how to solve basic (or complex) design and engineering issues. There are two [...]

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Flexible, Adaptable Living Spaces and Millennials

By Rick Reynolds At Bensonwood and Unity Homes, we are dedicated to maximizing the Open-Built® features on every project. Open-Built is about “disentanglement” and reorganization, which leads to mechanical systems being separated from the structure and organized for easy accessibility. But why does this matter? Why should anyone want access to dark recesses of the [...]

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SouthFace Village at Okemo: An Eco-Conscious Mountain Community.

By Rick Reynolds With the need for stricter land management and higher-density, lower-impact developments increasingly being required, Bensonwood’s high-performance building technologies are being called upon to address the challenge. And nowhere is the challenge more imperative than in Vermont, a state known for its pristine views, progressive environmental laws and stringent building codes. As an [...]

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Unity Home to be Featured at Greenbuild 2015

Unity is known for building homes unusually quickly, but the show home that’s being featured at this year’s Greenbuild Conference and Trade Show in Washington D.C. will set a new bar for speed.  Rapid on-site construction is one of the reasons that organizers of Greenbuild, the premier conference and expo for the green building industry, [...]

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