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Passive House: The House of the Future | Sheri Koones

Passive House: The House of the Future | Sheri Koones Posted: 05/08/2014 From our old friend Sheri Koones in the Huffington Post yesterday. We appeared in her popular 2012 book Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home. The Passive House (or Passivhaus) (PH) was first established in Germany and is quickly becoming a [...]

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Slideshow: 5 Modern American Farmhouses | Dwell

Slideshow: 5 Modern American Farmhouses | Dwell. "A pitched roof doesn’t necessarily mean a home is stuck in the dark ages of the American architectural vernacular. In fact, the following modern farmhouses—which either underwent a transformation or were built with the style in mind—prove that gables and porches can be very modern indeed." We couldn't [...]

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Why We Use Dense-Packed Cellulose Insulation

Many have asked us why we use dense-packed cellulose insulation in our OBPlus Wall® panels, roofs and some ceilings and floors. Here are some of the cellulose advantages in our "Montage Building" system: Our cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspapers treated with a natural mineral borate to give it a Class A fire rating as well as [...]

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Solar Unity Home, Contract to Complete in 20 Weeks

A year ago when Carol and Ed Reardon wanted to build a healthy, energy-efficient, year-round residence on a lake, they knew whom to call. Bensonwood had recently launched its sister company, Unity Homes, which offers healthy, high-performance, more affordable homes.  Here was their chance to own a high-quality Bensonwood home on a budget they could afford. Best of all, they [...]

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Seriously? | Tedd Benson on Homebuilding

The New House Rules | Tedd Benson on Homebuilding. Posted on March 17, 2014 by Tedd In my last post, I vented a little about the cover of the largest professional homebuilding magazine (Byline, “Smart Building Starts Here”) depicting a construction site that might have been exceptional 100 years ago, but today should be an industry embarrassment, not a magazine cover. Finding that [...]

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Five Star Rating for Unity Home

We have received some fantastic news about the exceptional performance of our Unity Homes. Rear Exterior of Vermont Xyla. This home received a 5 Star Plus Certification for excellence in energy efficiency, is 56% more energy efficient than a home built to current code and 86% more efficient than the average American home. (Photos [...]

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Unity Homes Outperform Other High Performance Homes

There are several key differentiators between our new Unity Homes and other standard homes built to code on the market, including the design, adaptability, Open-Built processes, off-site construction and prefabricated building. But anyone can SAY their homes are better. We’re backing it up with actual building science. Recently Bensonwood Assistant Project Manager and Energy Analyst, [...]

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Unity Home – Xyla Day 3

http://youtu.be/LFgfAOh7Tig In this second video, Job Captain Tobey Wandzy shows how quickly and efficiently our team was able to assemble a weather tight shell with siding and windows on our first Unity Home from Bensonwood. In just three days the crew raised the home from foundation to fully enclosed, including a garage. This home [...]

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First Xyla on-site, day two

Here are nine photos from the second day of assembly of the first Unity Home. This Xyla was fully enclosed and weather tight in two days, a day less than our initial estimate. Bundles are wrapped to protect them. Then labeled with job name, contents, and weight. The start of day 2: [...]

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