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Unity Home Xyla – Day 1

http://youtu.be/PeibnziiXps Job Captain Tobey Wandzy shows how quickly walkout walls, the first floor, timber ridge wall and exterior walls are assembled on-site on Day 1 on-site with the first Unity Home from Bensonwood. The mission of Unity Homes is to improve the quality of lives by creating homes that are healthy, comfortable, solid, and frugal, as well as beautiful. We [...]

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First Unity Home: Part 1: In the Shop

Our first Unity Home is on-site this week. A five-person team will be raising a Xyla in a just a few days. In this video (1 of 4 on our YouTube channel) Jay Lepple, Bensonwood's Building Systems Team Leader demonstrates the features of a wall panel that was recently fabricated in our shop for this home. [...]

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