Dave Levasseur Named a “Trendsetter” at Business Monadnock’s Awards

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Dave Levasseur Named a “Trendsetter” at Business Monadnock’s Awards

By Rick Reynolds

“In a time when fail videos, negative press and bickering presidential candidates seem to get more attention than positive events, I really value highlighting the good that so many people in the world are doing, instead of the incessant focus on our problems,” this according to Kevin Bittenbender, of Bensonwood and Unity Homes, as he introduced Dave Levasseur and 16 other winners at the 2016 Business Monadnock Trendsetters Awards.

Nominated by another business colleague, Hans Porschitz, Levasseur was one of 17 Monadnock region professionals in New Hampshire cited for outstanding performance, self-motivation, and leadership qualities that spilled out into the greater community.

When not performing his demanding job as the window specialist at Bensonwood and Unity Homes, Levasseur, with 2 children of his own (daughters 8 and 6), is the youth chair at his community church, a middle school youth leader, and a youth ski instructor at a local ski slope.

Asked what special qualities led to being designated a Trendsetter, Levasseur responded in his own unassuming way:“I have no idea! I do know that the 17 of us were nominated for our involvement in business and community leadership, by way of mentoring others and helping them to achieve their goals; which in turn, improves our community as a whole.”

At the awards ceremony, Bittenbender delivered remarks from Tedd Benson, who was unable attend the event:

“Dave Levasseur is an exemplar of the aspirations and values of our company. His integrity, enthusiasm, self-management, group leadership, and irrepressible good humor add up to make him a valuable pillar of strength for our long-term success and sustainability. In addition, we value his commitment to his family, his community and his faith, as proper life balance should always be weighted with personal/ (“and”) family over professional. Dave Levasseur manages both sides well, without compromise.”

Expanding on Tedd’s comments, Bittenbender commented about the winning traits the 2016 Trendsetters all share:

“The criteria that got people nominated and awarded this honor probably started at their job. ‘Outstanding performance, self motivation, leadership,’ YES, all great qualities at work and all great reasons to be sitting in this room tonight. But the ability to take these qualities and bring them outside work to your community, and home to your family, is of utmost importance, especially in these difficult times. Improving your workplace can have huge value, but making our community better is really priceless, and it’s what you all can contribute greatly to.”

At the end of his remarks, Bittenbender, thanked all the 2016 Trendsetters for making the region a great place to live and for setting up a virtuous cycle: “By bringing such great energy, and high value to our community, this makes where you work a better place, which in turn is critical for both personal and business success.”

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