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Bensonwood embraces opportunities to collaborate with builders and developers who share our vision of innovation and sustainability. We welcome the chance to collaborate on high-performance residential, commercial, and institutional projects to help your clients create beautiful, lasting structures.

Panelized construction, in which our prefabricated building components are assembled into larger panels before being transported to your construction site, is fast, efficient, and cost effective. When wall, floor, and roof components are pre-assembled in our climate-controlled environment, builders and developers save time and money. We fabricate wall panels that include window and door openings, as well as sheathing on the exterior face. Roof and floor systems are also panelized using dimensional lumber, trusses, or I-joists. Quality is another major benefit of panelized construction. Our shop teams are experienced, highly-trained custom builders—not factory workers—who spend considerable time rotating to job sites, so that they are experts at every phase of the building process. Panelized prefabrication simplifies the construction process, but it also lends budget stability as there is not on site competition for skilled labor during peak demand seasons. The price is fixed. For builders and developers who want to shorten the timeframe to project completion, panelized building is your answer.

“The team here had the privilege of visiting the Bensonwood plant in New Hampshire last fall, and meeting its founder, Tedd Benson. We were duly impressed with the operation. Already, we knew the energy efficiency of the products because our Skiway office at Sunday River Resort is a Bensonwood, and I happen to live in one as well. With foot-thick walls I can honestly state that it’s the first winter I have been toasty warm at both work and home. (Many a client has come in to the office and asked if they could convert our office to a condo—with its attractive appearance and slope views, it’d be perfect!)”

Susan DuPlessis: Owner/Broker
The Colony at Sunday River
Newry, Maine


The Design/Build Advantage

As both a design and build firm, Bensonwood is singularly motivated to design buildings that meet your construction budget — precisely because we must build what we design. And since we design+build with a highly developed CAD/CAM system, predictability in our pricing is, well, predictable. This all but eliminates the time and money spent on redesigns to meet budget requirements. Similarly, seamless communication and coordination between design and construction saves time in translation, and virtually eliminates costly miscues.

Off-Site Fabrication

Bensonwood prefabrication allows for concurrent, parallel construction. While you’re doing your site prep and foundation work, we’re fabricating the panels and crafting the millwork for quick on-site assembly of the weather-tight shell. This overlapping, non-linear production means dramatically less on-site time, reducing the duration of your construction projects. This, in turn, allows for faster sales and closings, and reduces construction interest cost.


Bensonwood’s Open-Built® design+build system, where the structure, skin, and mechanical systems are separated or “disentangled” to maximize efficiency, informs all our designs. Then, once the home is built, Open-Built disentanglement allows for easier access to utilities without the demolition of finishes.

For example, simple lifestyle changes involving moving a light switch, or a communications cable, or plumbing, can be achieved without the need for hiring multiple trades for demolition, rewiring, replumbing, re-sheetrocking and amp, taping, and repainting. This is achieved by separating mechanicals into horizontal and vertical chases that are accessible without tools.

As such, Open-Built is a system for designing and building homes to make them flexible, adaptable, and responsive to their owners’ needs as they change over time, while reducing the waste that occurs during relatively simple renovations.

True Green Building

Everyone claims to build “green,” but do they? True green building involves in-depth knowledge of building technology. The efficiency of our Open-Built designs and off-site fabrication ensures that all our buildings not only meet the spirit of the green revolution, but raise the bar. For example, with off-site fabrication, construction waste is reduced to the lowest possible levels. And over the life of the home, our extremely tight, well-insulated, and well-ventilated building envelopes heat and cool for a fraction of the cost of stick-built construction. Moreover, for those contemplating super-green ecocommunities, we have LEED-certified architects on staff and have built several LEED-Platinum and Passive House projects.