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“One of the most exciting days in our lives was the actual raising of the frame! We knew we had made the right decision in selecting a Bensonwood timber frame home. We could not have asked for a more cooperative team to work with on the building of our ‘dream’ home.” – Ted and Vicki B. 

Timber Frames

Timber frames are, essentially, a celebration of both wood and structure. Past clients have described living in a timber frame as being inside a piece of furniture. All of the traditions of fine woodworking are on display: precise joinery, lustrous finishes, and the characteristics of the wood itself.

timber frame this old house PBS homeOur timber frames are free-standing structures, supporting the walls and roof of your home. This means the exterior walls can be non-structural, an insulating “skin” to keep your home well conditioned no matter what the climate.  While Bensonwood’s timber framing tradition stems from colonial New England, where Tedd spent time studying old barn and house frames, we’ve been influenced by craftspeople as diverse as Japanese temple builders, French Compangons de Devoir, and German timber engineers.  Our designers and carpenters will use this experience to craft a timber frame that is uniquely yours, your own “piece of furniture” to live in.

Timber Frame Hybridstimber hybrid modern

Not everyone wants a full timber fame. Hybrids use structural panels to replace some of the timbers, both for aesthetic reasons and to reduce cost. The increased flexibility of using structural panels allows us to put the timbers where you want them, giving you greater freedom in designing your home. Additionally, in a hybrid structure, you can combine traditional timber framing with nontraditional materials, such as steel or aluminum, to more closely match your design concepts.

Panelized Buildings

Even though Bensonwood started as a timber frame company, we realize that not everyone wants timbers in their homes. If you want the spare simplicity of a timber free home, our team of architects and designers will create your home using our structural wall and roof panels. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in your design.

Whole House Packageslakefront home exterior at dusk

Sometimes, you just want to deal with one party. You don’t want to manage an architect, a general contractor, subcontractors, engineers and so on. Bensonwood offers a Whole House Package: a Bensonwood project manager will be assigned to your project during design. He will act as general contractor, overseeing every aspect of your home’s construction, becoming your go-to person. Partnering with the Bensonwood project manager is the Bensonwood site supervisor, who will remain on site after the rest of Bensonwood’s crew leaves. The “site super” will manage subcontractors and oversee the fit and finish-out of your home, making sure they meet our typically high standards.


In many cases, it is more cost effective to hand off work to a local general contractor. In the standard shell package Bensonwood builds, delivers, and assembles a weathertight shell of your home. This lacks interior and exterior finishes, which are installed by a local general contractor, in coordination with your Bensonwood project manager. We have a number of trusted builders, who are used to working with our products, but are happy to work with any local builder (or owner/builders, if you’re a hands-on type). For a typical Bensonwood home, the timber frame and shell are raised in roughly a week, leaving the subs to finish out.