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1070105_10151465481222167_650422754_nBensonwood is acknowledged as a premier designer+builder of energy-efficient timber frame, hybrid, and other high-performance homes and commercial buildings. Our mission is to find better ways to build, while consistently improving people’s lives. 

Bensonwood is also deeply engaged in bringing a vision of sustainability to the future of housing. We understand that the housing industry must change so it is both responsive to the consumer and responsible to the earth. Our approach to house design incorporates the principles of sustainability, modular design, and durability. To create a sustainable society one must build sustainable homes—with approaches to home building that link beauty and craft, ecology, and wise resource use, simplicity, and elegance.

vitruvian drawingFounder Tedd Benson is a proponent of Vitruvius’s assertion that a building must exhibit three essential qualities: firmitas, utilitas, venustas—durability, usefulness, and beauty. Benson added a fourth quality: frugality, not only in initial cost, but also in long-term cost to operate, through energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.