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“Working with Tedd Benson and his staff, we’ve been able to design and make a barn out of new wood that’s been made to look and feel old, a functional space that evokes not only the ancient barns of New England but its spiritual spaces as well.” Filmmaker Ken Burns

“Why build a timber frame home? To celebrate life! The Beam Team cares about our home as much as we do! Coming together on this project has been such a celebration.” – Connie and Kurt B.

“Our friends warned us that building a custom home would be a difficult, nerve-racking experience. They were wrong! Building our dream home with Bensonwood was an enjoyable and satisfying experience.” – Bob A.

“We love our second home. It far exceeded our very high expectations. We like our Benson home more than any house that we have ever seen — it was very well-designed for our needs.” – Max B.

“One of the most exciting days in our lives was the actual raising of the frame! We knew we had made the right decision in selecting a Bensonwood timber frame home. We could not have asked for a more cooperative team to work with on the building of our ‘dream’ home.” – Ted and Vicki B.

“The dominant feature of the house is light. The efficiency of the stress-skin system allowed us the use of large glass areas, while still maintaining overall low energy consumption.” – Nate and Judy C.

“After hearing about ‘Open-Built,’ it became obvious that Bensonwood was building a completely different product than any other timber frame company.” – David J.

“It is easy to see why your company reflects such strong values of quality and integrity in your craftsmanship as well as in the people who represent Bensonwood.” – Dave and Cindy S.

“The frame is beautiful, the design functional for the way we live and a joy to come home to. We thank you for the job you did for us as well as the way in which you did it.” – Michael and Kathleen M.

“The house is absolutely gorgeous! There isn’t a thing that I would change design wise, and the colors, fixtures, etc. fit well with the architecture.” – Karen M.

“The frame is even more spectacular than we envisioned. What made it all come together was the wonderful people and spirit at Bensonwood. Rarely in today’s busy world do we find true artisans who love what they do and care enough to settle for nothing less than perfection. – Chuck R.

“To those of you who labored with care and experience, to erect and finalize our vision, I say thank you. Thank you for sharing a small part of your lives, so that we may enjoy our home for a large part of our lives.” – Tim R.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished house. Approximately 100 people were here for a reception; I believe they were all overwhelmed with the great room.” – David, Catherine, Rob, Christine and Gus R.

“From the first phone call to the last delivery made this week, the experience working with the Bensonwood team has been a pleasure. You should be proud of the people that you have working for you.” – John and Evelyn S.

“The house is fantastic! Your crew did a spectacular job; so many people commented about how fast everything went up.” – Claire K.

“Since my first contact with Bensonwood, I have felt that the Beam Team shared my feeling of ‘doing something special.’ We never got the feeling that we were ‘just another frame.’ “– Paul and Julia B.

“I wanted to express our delight in working with the crew who raised the frame last week. They did a great job — the house looks unbelievable. It’s a joy to be around people who care so much about what they are doing; we really appreciate it.” – Jeff W.

“I like the Bensonwood philosophy. You do things right. “– Mike D.

“There is no doubt in our minds that when we get ready to build again we will call upon Bensonwood.” – Steve B.

“The house stands as a monument to beauty. It is superb in its function and design. I’m always telling my patients, who query, “Where are you going on vacation?,” “I can hardly wait to get home!” – Mark G.

“Greetings from Wyoming. On behalf of Chris and me, I wanted to express our delight in working with the crew who raised the frame last week. (They) were simply terrific. The house looks unbelievable. It’s a joy to be around people who care so much about what they are doing; we really appreciate it. All-in-all, a really great bunch of guys and an awfully high quality operation.” – Jeff W.

“Thank you, Thank you! I cannot say enough good things about the entire Bensonwood experience and constantly brag (to anyone still listening) about what a beautiful home you have built us.” – Katherine P.

“Well, we’ll never have a house we love more than the one you built for us. If only we could have picked it up & moved it to Pennsylvania, we’d have done so. Thank you so much for your talents and your friendship.” – Dale and Joy F.

“Wow! The crew just uncrated that front door and got it installed yesterday. It is beautiful! What a fine piece of workmanship. Please share my comments with your millwork guys. Man, am I glad we went with the Bensonwood trim package. It is beautiful and the details are very thought out! Be sure to share my comments with your millwork guys. They do awesome work!”– Bradley K.

“Bensonwood is actually a family of professionals. Each family member’s contribution is from the heart. The reason for the successful growth and reputation for Bensonwood homes is there, radiating from the timber frames. Your family of artisans makes a house a home. “– Bob M.

“We just got back from Big Sky and the house is fantastic. Your crew did a spectacular job. So many people commented about how fast everything went up.” – Craig K.

“The Benson Crew were wonderful. Their work was a pleasure to watch and so wonderfully orchestrated. The timber frame was incredibly beautiful as an open structure. She was both amazed and disappointed that it was enclosed so quickly. Her only regret…I wish Bensonwood was building the whole house!” – Hans H.

“The Beam Team’s original stay was a great success. They exemplify the standards of craftsmanship and care that your company is known for. We can’t say enough about their skill, energy, and good humor.” – Dick and Sandy T.

“I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that everyone’s attention to quality, aesthetics and schedule was really appreciated by all involved. I look forward to the opportunity to work together again.” – Bill R.

“We just returned from a week in Big Sky and are loving the house just as much today as we did when it was built in 2004. It remains a uniquely beautiful design for us and our guests, and a perfect complement to its breathtaking mountain setting!” – Claire and Kurli

“What a thrill it has been to be part of the past two days! Your design, engineering, workmanship, organization and preparation for this project made it look like magic to everyone who saw it rise so fast and fit together so perfectly.” – Rich K.