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Project Description

Imagine what it would be like to live on your own small island. You get there by boat, which makes living there a real commitment of time and effort. Your 15-acre island is too small to warrant its own vehicle, so walking is the primary mode of transportation, and provisions have to be carried to and from the boat dock. However, such inconveniences are also an advantage. Although the home is not far from the bustle of southern Connecticut, your island (your world) is a world away. With that seclusion in minds, the owners of the island timer frame built a relaxing home for family and friends that is dedicated to the enjoyment of life at a quieter pace.

exterior timber frame entry way, home on the water
custom pool with views of the ocean
new england timber frame home, view from the water
timber frame home with sitting room
exterior timber frame home with custom patio with wood awning
timber frame home entry with custom millwork front entry door

Project Details