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Bensonwood is as much a construction company as it is a design house.  The close collaboration between our design and building teams means that we catch problems before they become problems. Our building staff relies on our use of Open-Built® Technology, the latest in CNC(computer numerical control) machinery, as well as on their own highly polished skills as craftsmen. Whether working with our design team, or your own architect, Bensonwood’s build quality will make your structure a showcase.

“After hearing about ‘Open-Built,’ it became obvious that Bensonwood was building a completely different product than any other timber frame company.” David J.


High-Performance Building

By moving “construction” from the site to a factory, Bensonwood liberates projects from the tyranny of site conditions. Shop fabrication allows us to work year-round, in all kinds of weather, creating consistently high-quality building components. Shop fabrication also allows us to “work in parallel.” Different teams of craftsmen will be working on your walls, roof, and timber frame simultaneously, reducing the time necessary to get your project completed. Our shop setup allows us to install windows, doors, interior finishes, and exterior siding off-site, meaning you’ll be able to move in more quickly.


attaching a pre fab cupola

On-Site Assembly

Using what we call Montage Building, a typical Bensonwood project will be weathertight four days after our crew arrives on site. Our goal is to go from a prepped foundation to “move-in ready” in thirty days. Bensonwood usually sends four craftsmen to the site, along with a crane, to assemble your building. Our construction sites usually draw crowds because the building goes together so quickly and because the sites are so quiet. The loudest noise on site is either the crane engine or the sound of cordless impact drivers. You will rarely hear a hammer, and almost never hear a saw. Because our process takes care of so much before a job reaches your site, a typical construction site will require only one, small dumpster. Since the on-site work is so short and so well coordinated, Bensonwood is able to be on site year-round. If your foundation is ready, we can be on site in January or February, when other builders are closed for winter.