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Sustainable Design Principles

Sustainable Design strives to maximize the health and comfort of a structure, and minimize the negative impacts on the environment during the building process.

Utilizing a sustainable design philosophy requires deliberate decisions at each phase of the design process including Architecture, Energy Modeling & Analysis and Interior Design, that will take the objectives into consideration. It is an integrated, holistic approach that positively impacts all phases of a building’s life-cycle, including design, construction, operation, and decommissioning.

To help accomplish this on a global scale, Bensonwood has accepted the Architecture 2030 Challenge, which asks  the global architecture and building community to adopt the following targets in order for buildings to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Design Philosophy

Bensonwood is deeply engaged in bringing sustainability to the future of building. Our approach to design incorporates the principles of sustainability, modular design, and durability. We believe that to create a sustainable society one must build sustainable buildings—with approaches to home building that link beauty and craft, ecology and wise resource use, simplicity, and elegance.

Vitruvius asserted that a building must exhibit three essential qualities: firmitas, utilitas, venustas—durability, usefulness and beauty. Bensonwood has added a fourth quality: frugality, not only in initial cost, but also in long-term cost to operate through energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.

In our effort to establish Montage Building (our term for a European system where an off-site production process creates highly precise, fully-finished, panelized construction assemblies that can be rapidly raised on site) within the U.S. homebuilding industry, we are staunch advocates of off-site fabrication, where construction components, elements, blocks and modules are cut, shaped, and assembled in controlled conditions away from the building site. Our mission is to establish an industry-wide standard for the highest structural and thermal qualities, cost competitiveness, and design flexibility.