Tedd Benson Keynotes Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Conference

Tedd Benson Keynotes Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Conference

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Green building is not a stagnant goal, but rather a rapid-moving evolutionary process. The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild plays an active role in that evolution, working to turn back carbon emissions, become self sustaining, contribute to local economies, and promote health and community. Forward looking, the Guild’s mission is “Advancing a 200-year perspective on the built environment.”

nw eco building tedd benson keynoteTo kickoff their October 10th conference, Tedd Benson delivered the keynote Address: “New House Rules: Achieving 21st Century Sustainable Dwelling.” In the address, Tedd spoke of the paradigm shift and industry overhaul necessary if the goals of the 2030 Challenge are to be met. In the talk, Tedd emphasized that the building industry needs to create a new vocabulary, work culture, and ever-greater efficiencies. From there, Tedd spoke of how Bensonwood and Unity Homes have been taking on this challenge and leading by example.

northwest eco building roundtableThe goal of the conference was three-fold: 1. to expand the patchwork of green buildings to whole neighborhoods, whole districts and whole communities, 2. to make exceptional green building practices the norm, and 3. to ensure that “good building practice” is “green” by definition.

As part of the conference, Tedd participated in the local Green Homes Tour hosted by the Seattle Chapter of the guild: a bicycle event that combined two of his “greenest” passions: high performance building & biking.

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild forum addresses the needs of the seventh generation, encouraging inclusive discourse with the goal of working to improve the relationship between our communities and our built environment. Learn more about this exciting field by browsing our green building resources, articles, project spotlights and more. See more at: http://www.ecobuilding.org/green-building#sthash.pVSicMhX.dpuf


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