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For 40 years, large timbers have been at the heart of our company. Tedd Benson began the timber frame revival in 1974, building the first new timber-framed residence in New Hampshire in over 60 years. Since then, we have built more than 650 frames across the US (as well as in Canada, England, and Japan).

Over the years, timber framing has changed, and we have adapted. We developed keyed beams in 1998, allowing us to span greater distances with shorter timbers. Our frames now include engineered timbers as well as sustainable, locally-sourced woods such as hemlock and southern yellow pine.

“Bensonwood is actually a family of professionals. Each family member’s contribution is from the heart. The reason for the successful growth and reputation for Bensonwood homes is there, radiating from the timber frames. Your family of artisans makes a house a home.” – Bob M.

timber frame artistry

We use CNC(computer numerical control) timber milling machines to rough-cut joinery (though each joint is still hand finished by a Bensonwood timber framer). Refining our wall systems, has also allowed us to design and build several “hybrid” buildings, where structural exterior walls reduce the number of required timbers.

Our timber frames are showcases of fine wood and exquisite joinery, and are comprised of either salvaged or standing-dead harvested timbers. We are increasing our use of engineered timber products. They offer the same strength and beauty as traditional solid-sawn timbers but are made from smaller, faster-growing plantation trees, so are considered more sustainable and often earn project points in green building rating systems.


the old beam team

Photo by Enrico Ferorelli

Additionally, these engineered products are made from kiln dried lumber, so they can be used in locations where movement (shrinkage) of fresh sawn timbers is problematic, as in glass curtain walls. For more of our four decades of timber frame innovations, see our Innovation Timeline page.


No matter if you’re building a 20,000 square foot horse barn or a 10×15 foot Walden Cabin replica, Bensonwood can provide you with the structural engineering and construction expertise to realize your vision in wood.

Timber Frame Home Self-Tour

timber self tour google map bensonwood Use this Map to visit some of our publicly accessible timber frames in New England.