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Panelized Walls

Bensonwood began manufacturing our own wall panels in 2000. Over the past decade, we have refined these panels into the OBPlus Wall®, an R35 wall that is designed to minimize thermal bridging, is gasketed at all joints to ensure a tight thermal envelope, and uses low- or no-VOC materials to guarantee indoor air quality. BuildingGreen.com named the OBPlus Wall one of the top ten green building products of 2010.ob plus wall interior section view

Bensonwood’s walls are cellulose-filled structural panels, in either 12-3/4-inch or 8-3/4-inch thicknesses. These wall panels are designed to minimize thermal bridging, have extremely low air infiltration, and are sealed with gaskets and specialized tapes at every joint. Our walls are designed with Passive house and net-zero goals in mind. In fact, a typical Bensonwood home is 56% more energy efficient than a home built to current code and 86% more efficient than the average American home, thanks to our wall and roof panels.

Roof Panels

Bensonwood offers two different high-performance roof panels to assure you of the greatest comfort at the lowest heating and cooling cost. In addition, our roof panel systems have structurally and thermally optimized framing and carefully detailed EPDM rubber gasket technology to provide a long-lasting, reliable, airtight seal of the roof, paramount to the longevity of roofing materials and thermal efficiency of the building.

roof panel

The R 44 roof system from Bensonwood is a 11-7/8″ I- joist with a 1/2″ OSB skin to the inside (taped and sealed), 5/8″ ZIP to the outside (also taped and sealed), and dense-packed with cellulose.

We can also provide foam-core roof panels with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). Measuring 10.25” in thickness (excluding interior ceiling finish or exterior roofing), these roof panels provide an insulation value of R-36. Here, too, the roof overhangs include structural framing to accept trim finishes.