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Prefab 101 - Sheri Koones' Article in Forbes Magazine


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Classic exposed timber frame home design|build by Bensonwood

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Sheri Koones for Forbes Magazine

Prefab 101: Defining The Many Forms Of Factory-Built Homes

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Bensonwood Prefab Homes

A Bensonwood home is used in this article on Forbes, by Sheri Koones that illustrates the different types of prefab construction. Bensonwood is an example of panelized prefab homes, as opposed to modular, structural insulated panels (SIPS), and kit houses. Koones makes some exceptional points about the benefits of prefab construction, including the challenge of finding skilled labor, compressed duration of the construction schedule, reduced construction waste, and improved energy performance. This article is an excellent introduction to prefab building, and we are thrilled to be recognized. 

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Prefab 101: Defining The Many Forms Of Factory-Built Homes

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"Time is another advantage in promoting prefab construction: People want their houses to be completed faster. Prefab houses can generally be built much faster than site-built ones."

Sheri Koones

Contributor, Forbes Magazine

Passive Homes Offer Benefits During Power Outages

Of course, we feel like the kid in the back of the class, waving our hand at the teacher so that we can add additional comments. Some other benefits to panelized prefab, as we see it, include:

  • Shipping: Panelized prefab homes can be shipped further and to more challenging sites than modular homes.
  • Air Sealing: Panelized prefab homes are assembled onsite and then tested for air tightness. They receive blower door tests to certify their energy performance.
  • Flexible Floor Plan: Panelized homes can be customized for any style of home and quickly adapt to different forms, including contemporary, farmhouse, coastal, and even multifamily layouts.
  • Climate Adaptability: Panels can be made at different thicknesses and with varying levels of insulation, so they perform well in any environment.
  • Health: Bensonwood panelized homes contain no foam or other potentially toxic materials.

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We look forward to reading more of this prefab building advocate's work!