Builder Online Features Tedd Benson and Tektoniks

Builder Verbatim: Home Buiding's Off-Site All-Stars

BACK TO BLOG Home Homeowners Portfolio Professionals Our Company Blog Contact Us Home Homeowners Portfolio Professionals Our Company Blog Contact Us Builder Online Features Tedd Benson and Tektoniks News 20APRIL2018 The Tektoniks Manufacturing FacilityPanel Fabrication Visit Site Follow Us BUILDING SYSTEMSMore on how we build New Builder Online article about off-site construction and the future…

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Launching New Brand: TEKTONIKS

BACK TO BLOG Home Homeowners Portfolio Professionals Our Company Blog Contact Us Home Homeowners Portfolio Professionals Our Company Blog Contact Us Launching New Brand: TEKTONIKS News 30APRIL2018 Sarah KossaydaCOMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Follow Us Sarah KossaydaCOMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Manufacturing of Advanced Building Components: Closed Panel Enclosure Systems, Timber Fabrication, and Architectural Millwork A new 110,000-square-foot building component manufacturing…

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Water’s Edge

BACK TO PORTFOLIO Water’s EdgeSPOFFORD, NH 2016 1,500 sq ft.3 BED 2 BATH A bright two-story lakeside farmhouse on Spofford Lake in southwestern New Hampshire designed for outdoor living. Plenty of great views from every side indoors and out. From of the deck with the custom Port Orford cedar railings to the all-season screen porch.…

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To Build a Basketball Barn

A private family function hall and recreation space rises in winter By Rick Reynolds Who doesn’t love a barn? The honest, soaring volumes. The heavy timbers. The warmth and patina of wood. Now imagine a barn that encloses a private family function hall, complete with a 30-foot high vaulted half-basketball court, a lofted party space and…

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The Yin Yang of Walls

House under construction

The give-and-take of high tech wall enclosures While walking with a neighbor along an old stone wall separating their properties, Robert Frost, in his poem, “Mending Wall,” ponders: “Before I built a wall, I’d ask to know what I was walling in or walling out.” That’s a reasonable question. After all, that’s the way we…

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Getting Into Your Custom Lake House Sooner

On a lake, in the trees.

A season saved is a season earned Sooner or later, many of us will succumb to the allure of a custom lake house. But when that decision to take the plunge comes belatedly, sooner can still mean a whole summer sooner with Montage building. Off-site fabrication, with its non-linear, parallel processing—concurrent with site work—and rapid…

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Banking on “Green” of the Sustainable Kind

Savings Bank of Walpole, Keene

Reimagining how banks look and feel, while reducing their long-term costs By Rick Reynolds When the Savings Bank of Walpole wanted to reimagine their new Keene, NH, branch to service the city’s northernmost sector, they hired local green-builder, Bensonwood, of Walpole, NH, to break different ground. As a harbinger for their new branches going forward,…

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The All-Electric House: Back to the Future

GE Realty Plot Homes

By Rick Reynolds It’s been 112 years since the first all-electric bungalow style house at 1155 Avon Road in Schenectady, NY, made its debut. Known as the house without a kitchen chimney, General Electric’s Harry W. Hillman built the experimental demonstration home in 1905 to prove that electricity, alone, could power all the energy requirements…

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Green, High-Performance, Multi-Family Housing

Southface Village 1

Coming to a factory near you By Rick Reynolds Montage builder, Bensonwood, long known for its off-site fabrication of high performance residential and commercial wood structures, is ramping up its production capacity to accommodate an increased demand for green, healthy, multi-family housing. The imperative for wise land and energy use is making these sustainable, multi-family…

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Engineering the Conversation Plinth

Conversion Plinth rendering

The hardwood CLT structure is the first in the United States By Rick Reynolds The first hardwood cross-laminated timber project in the United States, dubbed “Conversation Plinth,”  and five other installations will form the centerpiece at “Exhibit Columbus,” an annual celebration of architecture, art, design and community in Columbus, IN. This year’s Exhibit Columbus will…

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