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Energy and Sustainability Consulting

Modeling and Analysis

Certified Passive House Builder

Passive House Builder

Certified Energy Star Home Builder

Energy Star Builder

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DOE Zero Energy

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Energy Performance Standards

We design sustainable homes that can meet US Passive house, LEED Platinum and Energy Star standards. Our building practices and materials focus on the production of high performance homes that will last for centuries. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by by helping our clients reduce their carbon foot print through our building practices and use of renewable building materials. Many of our projects have been certified by The U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED rating system and Passive House US (PHIUS) energy standards.


Energy Modeling + Analysis

Building an energy efficient structures is a decision not only best for the environment, but good for our own health and costs. Contemporary construction is as much about reducing energy use as it is about creating beautiful spaces. Historical energy analysis and ongoing research have led to several refinements in our building systems. We model solar potential and energy use early in the process to get an accurate energy estimate for your project. After the shell is weathertight, we routinely perform blower-door analyses to improve and verify the air tightness of our buildings.

Green building in Somerville MA by Santos Prescott and build by Bensonwood

Building Envelopes

Different climate zones require different levels of insulation, and what kind and quantity of glazing will perform the best is dependent on the building’s orientation. We can design a home for you that will use a fraction of the energy of the average American home, saving you money and reducing the negative impacts on the environment.

High efficiency mechanical design
Healthy Interiors

Mechanical Design

Indoor air quality and utility expenses are important factors in every building. Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water are the primary energy consumers and cause the the most pollution in our atmosphere. There are multiple systems one can use, as well as different fuel sources to service these areas, but which system will bring you the most comfort, lowest energy consumption, and an overall better quality of life is something we can assist you in determining.

Burr and Burton Academy LEED Platinum Certified

Renewable Energy Systems

Our buildings easily accommodate solar panels, heated flooring, geothermal air source heat pumps, and wind turbine renewable energy systems. The highly insulated and tightly sealed structures diminished energy loads allow for smaller alternative energy systems. We can design a building that will use as much energy as it generates, also known as achieving Net Zero energy operation.

Urban green building in Cambridge Massachusetts design by Santos Prescott & Associates and engineering|build by Bensonwood
Energy Saving

Efficient Fixtures

A quick and easy way to reduce energy usage is to use efficient products. In a low load, energy-efficient home, appliances and lighting consume a significant amount of energy, but they do not have to. We can help you find products that are functional and attractive, and use a fraction of the energy of other systems. You really can have it all.

Houghton Arts Center at White Mountains School
Federal and State

Energy Incentives

Energy codes, rebates, and other incentives vary throughout the country. Comprehensive research will reveal code requirements, energy certification programs, and tax and financial incentives that could influence specifications of the project. One should be awarded for building a beautiful, energy-efficient, and sustainable building, and we can assist in maximizing the amount of that reward.

Certified Passive House in Norwich Vermont design by ZED engineering|build by Bensonwood

Green Building Materials

The carbon footprint of a building should be positive, and at Bensonwood we use environmentally friendly products and processes. We have done extensive research into every product and manufacturer we work with, to ensure that the buildings we produce are environmentally friendly. If this is something that interests you, we can work with you to make your carbon footprint as low as possible.