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Montage Building Meets Open-Built®

by Rick Reynolds

Many are into instant gratification when it comes to spur-of-the-moment getaway vacations, car buying, and any offer starting with the phrase, “free puppies.” But our homes, arguably the most important investment we’ll ever make, are not something we necessarily want expedited—or so it may seem.

After all, why would we want our custom or semi-custom dream home designed and built within six months time? And even if we did, why would we pin that decision on having the home completed by a certain date? And even if we did, how will an aggressive move-in date affect the quality of the home? These are just a few of the “timing” questions that come up with our prospects, and rightfully so.

After all, enduring beauty, indoor health, master craftsmanship, solid construction, high performance, thermal comfort, and lasting durability should take lots of time to achieve and therefore should far outweigh the impatience to move in—right?

And since our new house is likely the most critical financial investment we’ll ever make, we’d like maybe 4,000 skilled tradespeople laboring outdoors for two decades (as they did on The Great Pyramid of Giza), if only we had the time and it wouldn’t lengthen the construction loan—right?

Furthermore, we sense that our home will become the greatest investment in our family, our health, our future—and quite literally the stage upon which our most cherished moments will play out, so planning and building it must involve a fair amount of clairvoyance and suffering—right?

Well, as it turns out, it need not be that way.

With Montage building, homes are designed and built virtually first, and then fabricated off site into panelized assemblies, under weather controlled conditions (like cars and computers), concurrent with the site work. When the site is ready, the home is rapidly assembled—the Montage—delivering all the improved qualities we intend in an extremely short time frame. In sum, the purpose of the Montage approach is to dramatically improve overall quality, performance, and craftsmanship, but reduce the ecological impact and quicken delivery time.

And with our Open-Built® protocol, where the mechanical systems are disentangled from the structure of the home, inevitable changes that come about due to new technologies, growing families transitioning to empty nesters, or simply the desire to move a light switch, can be easily made without breaking the bank, eliminating the need for a Ouija board in preplanning future needs.

So with Montage building and Open-Built methodologies, we can have the best of all worlds: quality, speed, and flexibility. Then, if we want to be in our new primary residence by school’s opening—or in our new vacation home by school’s end—or like a recent Bensonwood prospect, summer is approaching and he’d like to present his family with their new custom home for Christmas, there’s no trade-off in quality—except for the better.