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Passive House Builders at Bensonwood

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Bensonwood is a certified passive house builder

Sarah Kossayda


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Sarah Kossayda

Bensonwood Employees Receive Passive House Builder Certification

Two Bensonwood employees, Jay Lepple and Hans Porschitz, recently completed a four-day training in passive housing building; each received a PHIUS (Passive House Institute U.S.) Certified Builders certificate.


Passive House

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Walpole, New Hampshire

The passive house building training, held at the Yestermorrow School in Waitsfield, Vermont (which specializes in courses and certificates in sustainable building and design), covered practical and business concerns specific to the craftsmanship of passive house building. The Passive House Standard is a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in construction, which reduces the building's ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. PHIUS Certified Builders are listed on the PHIUS online database of Certified Builders and are licensed to use the PHIUS Certified Builder logo and recommended language.

Hans Porschitz

Hans Porchitz

Hans Porschitz, who joined Bensonwood in 2000, is company steward and COO; he leads daily operations at Bensonwood and oversees the company’s research and development of improved systems and products for the construction industry. As a member and coordinator of the collaborative “Open-Prototype Initiative,” he participated in many innovative projects including the Net-Zero, LEED Platinum, Unity House, and BrightBuilt Barn, as well as the famous Loblolly house.

Jay Lepple

Jay Lepple

Jay Lepple, company steward and team leader, leads operations of the building systems manufacturing facility in Keene that produces wall, floor and roof enclosures for Bensonwood and Unity Homes. He serves as an instructor for partner builder classes at Bensonwood, and was a presenter at the 2016 Passivhouse conference and collaborated with the television series, This Old House, on the Bensonwood Weston house in 2006.

Passive House Standards

Both Bensonwood and sister company, Unity Homes, strive to achieve super-insulated, super-tight houses that often meet and sometimes exceed, Passive House standards of airtightness while offering extraordinary durability, quality, comfort, and wellness, noted Tedd Benson, founder of both Bensonwood and Unity Homes. “This important certification for Hans and Jay furthers our mission to improve the building industry fundamentally,” said Benson. The company has a full-time energy consulting and sustainability staff, noted Benson, and a commitment to producing homes that are specifically designed to be healthier for occupants and our planet.

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