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Interior + Exterior Doors, Stairs, and Trim

Custom Architectural Millwork

Our woodworking craftsmen are skilled and passionate, meaning that your doors and stairs will be the right showcases for your home. Because of our OpenBuilt process, millwork, such as window casings and stairs, are prefabricated and then quickly installed.

Interior and Exterior Doors

Bensonwood makes interior doors that exceed the quality look and finish level available from most millwork suppliers. Our doors are also uniquely designed to enhance and complement the design of your Bensonwood home. As with the timber frame, we fabricate and assemble the doors using accurate mortise-and-tenon joinery. Stop-chamfer detailing on stiles and rails, and a soft-close cushion that eliminates slamming and rattling, are touches that also set Bensonwood doors apart from standard offerings.

Stairs and Balusters

Our Unique Open-Built® system of design allows us to build custom stairs precisely with high efficiency. Careful planning of stairways and their placement is necessary for timber frame houses because their openings in the floor system need precise cutouts during the design and construction. At Bensonwood, our unique Open-Built® system of design and three-dimensional rendering allows us to create, mill, and assemble custom stairs, balusters, and rails precisely and with high efficiency, at our factory. We supply our stairs, either complete and ready for installation or as a custom kit of parts, available for assembly on site. We will arrange for carpenters closer to your home to assemble and install the package.

Interior Door and Window Trim

We start with high quality, bright, vertical grain Douglas fir and mill it to specification. Bensonwood interior window and door trim are created and assembled in our shop in much the same way beautiful furniture is. We start with high quality, bright, vertical grain Douglas fir and mill it to specification. The milling process includes fabricating extension jambs integrated with a slip joint with the trim itself. This adjustable joint, between the extension jamb and the trim, dramatically speeds the installation of the trim on site by accommodating variations in window installation and wall thickness. After sanding the trim components, we pre-finish them then pre-assemble trim frames for windows up to four 4 x 4 foot, sometimes larger.

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