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“Bensonwood is the best timber frame company in North America on a host of levels—craftsmanship, material, and detail among them—but it is their passion and creativity that sets them apart from all of their competition.”

Duo Dickonson, AIA


Off-Site Manufacturing

The Craft of Timberframing

We've mastered the compound layout and cutting techniques that evolved from simple historic mortise and tenon to modern fasteners designed with engineered analysis. At Bensonwood we use off-site manufacturing to build all of our timberframes to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship. CNC timber milling machines rough-cut all joinery while a skilled timber framer then finishes each joint by hand. Our systems are continuously refined ensuring the best timber frame products available.

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Prefabricated Timber Components

Mass Timber Projects | Timber Frame Kits | Timber Processing

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Robotic Timber Fabrication


Timber Engineering

Our constant research and development efforts put Bensonwood at the leading edge of timber engineering, design, and analysis. With combined experience exceeding twenty-five years, our engineers are licensed to practice in many states and routinely work with architects nationwide. Able to specify steel and concrete systems to supplement the full and ever-expanding palette of wooden structural materials, like Glue Laminated Beams and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, our Engineering Team knows how to best implement effective, creative, and efficient solutions for your timber engineering projects.

The Clock Barn second floor timber frame

The Clock Barn

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Claybrook 1

Timbers at Sugarbush

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Timber Engineering

King Arthur Flour Tower

From the early design stages, Bensonwood worked closely with the architects on the King Arthur Flour Retail Store. The result: a visually compelling, 44’ tall dodecagon containing a two-story spiral stair, topped by a cupola.

Architecture: Thornton + Smith, Thetford, VT

“I knew Bensonwood was at the forefront of timber frame construction, so I contacted them to do the timbers in the home I designed for myself. They were open to using recycled materials. For me, they were the perfect fit.”

Bruce Wharton, AIA

Shope Reno Wharton Architecture
The future of building materials

Mass Timber

The demands of modern architecture have required a revolution in wood technology to compete with steel and concrete. Mass Timber products are made with kiln dried material, laminating smaller pieces of wood together to produce substantial stress rated building components ideal for any sized project. We have been designing and building projects with mass timber for over a decade, including cross-laminated timber projects across the country. In green building engineered timber is not only more robust and fire resistant, but the only material that is renewable making it the choice for sustainable construction projects of the future.

Conversation Plinth designed by IKD and engineered by Bensonwood

Conversation Plinth

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common ground mass timber

Common Ground High School

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Engineered Timber Projects

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

A high-performance certified LEED Platinum and net-zero mass timber project in Boothbay, Maine. Maclay and Scott Simons Architects with Thornton Tomasetti as a consultant.



High-Capacity robotic fabrication for all sized timber projects.

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Prefabricated in our facilities and ready for shipment throughout the U.S.

breeze hill timbers

Timberframe Component Kits

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southface timbers

For Developments

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Automated Timber Processing

Robotic Fabrication

Unlimited processing possibilities are available with the Hundegger Robot Drive joinery machine, the most advanced timber robot available today. Our virtual fabrication team converts your fully engineered and developed drawings into the appropriate machine code for our fabrication equipment. This modeling process ensures the highest level of precision and quality control. The final products are coated with a finish if selected and wrapped, ready for shipment to the building site. The close integration between factory and construction site results in higher productivity, safety and performance.




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