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Unity Homes: Which Would You Choose?


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Unity Homes


Flexible design configured to look like a classic colonial or modern country farmhouse

Sarah Kossayda


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Sarah Kossayda


Have you heard about Unity Homes?  Now five years old, our sister company is gaining momentum in the home building industry, making healthy, high-performance homes accessible to more people.


Unity Homes Platforms

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Unity Homes

Originally a spinoff of Bensonwood, Unity Homes shines brightly in the home building industry. Its high-performance platform-based homes are easy to maintain and inexpensive to heat and cool. Bathed in natural daylight, they are sanctuaries of beauty and serenity. They are, in essence, the distilled and purified version of Bensonwood custom homes. And thanks to the efficiency built into each step of Unity's process, they are becoming more affordable every day.

“We have the potential to totally change the paradigm of home building. It’s possible to build homes that use no fossil-fuels, and are more affordable. To build homes in several months that are around for centuries. To build homes that easily evolve as your life unfolds. We can build homes that do not have the defects that so many new homes do…homes that actually change the quality of your life. And we can do it in a way that is more predictable and less stressful…for all of us.”



Custom home building

As custom home builders, we at Bensonwood have experienced the satisfaction of creating custom homes that match our clients’ values. We know the impact that a home can have on a family. We know that our clients care about future generations and investing in a home that matters. And now, because of Unity Homes' streamlined design-build process, more people have the opportunity to build and support their own aspirations.

Fast & efficient construction

Following off-site fabrication, the weathertight shell of a Unity home can be assembled in a matter of days on site. They can withstand sub-zero temperatures and stay warm with a singular air-source heat pump. They offer the highest levels of indoor air quality due to their natural, non-VOC, material choices. And the results - in terms of time, cost, and performance - are very predictable.

A streamlined approach

But for all the talk of high performance and green materials, Unity Homes are really about giving more choice to more home buyers. Want to learn more about Unity's streamlined approach using pre-designed elements?

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Director of Operations