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Over our long history, we have worked with many of America’s most renowned architects and welcome the chance to collaborate on high-performance residential, commercial, and institutional projects to help your clients achieve ENERGY STAR, LEED, Net Zero Energy or Passive House performance goals.

Working with Bensonwood on the Bosarge Education Center at CMBG was a great benefit for meeting the owner’s tight construction schedule and energy efficiency goals. The exposed timber frame supported the creation of large open spaces and brought the natural quality of wood into the building, connecting to the surrounding nature. As architects, coordinating with Bensonwood was an enjoyable, collaborative, and instructive process. We look forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

Bill Maclay
Maclay Architects


Panelized Construction Benefits

Panelized construction (prefabricated building components are assembled into larger panels before being transported to your construction site), saves time and money. When our wall, floor, and roof components are pre-assembled in our climate-controlled environment by highly-skilled building experts, quality is optimized. Panelized prefabrication simplifies the construction process (what we call “Montage Building”), but it also brings budget stability because there is no uncertainty about finding skilled labor onsite. Costs are known ahead of time. For more on how Panelized Construction saves time and money, read this Case Study from the Wood Products Council.

Structural Engineering

Bensonwood engineers will identify and solve the specific structural problems for each unique project. Whether it’s extreme snow, hurricane force wind, or strong earthquakes, we know how to analyze and design the structure to last for centuries. Ultimately, the shop’s CNC (computer numerical control) production machines are driven by the work that starts on our engineer’s desks. The building information model (BIM) they develop with the architects is then elaborated on by the production team, under the engineers’ supervision. Able to specify steel and concrete systems to supplement the full and expanding palette of wooden materials, our engineering team knows how to best implement effective, creative, and efficient solutions for your projects.


  • Generate complete structural drawings, including foundation, wood and steel framing
  • Complete 3D systems analyses using matrix based models for gravity, wind, and seismic loads
  • Specify appropriate timber products and species, including engineered wood
  • Analyze/detail timber connections based on the AWC’s National Design Standard for Wood Construction
  • Supply other building components that enhance timber system aesthetics, including panelized enclosures, windows, and millwork
  • Generate accurate contracts with attachments, including 3D views
  • Provide schematic frame designs and pricing for feasibility studies
  • Oversee component production: timber, panel, and steel
  • Perform site visits to assist crews in assembly and inspect structural work
  • Provide scheduling to aid in site logistics and planning
  • Fabrication and assembly

Bensonwood’s shops are able to provide a full suite of structural components, in any combination. We can provide:

  • Full and partial timber frames
  • Cellulose-insulated structural wall panels
  • Cellulose-insulated non-structural and curtain walls
  • Uninsulated walls
  • Integrated floor and ceiling systems
  • Cellulose or EPS-insulated roof panels
  • Finished millwork, including doors, door and window trim, roof boards, baseboards, and stairs

All of these components will be fabricated in our New Hampshire facility, packed, and shipped to your site. Bensonwood crew members will supervise the on-site assembly. Typical jobs are weathertight in 3-5 working days.