Timber Frame

The architectural honesty of timber framing reveals and celebrates the beauty and integrity of the structure. Tedd Benson’s books, and our company’s pioneering work played a key role in the U.S. revival of this time-honored building method starting in the 1970’s, and that legacy continues to be an important aspect of our building systems over 50 years later.

Beauty, Function, Strength & Comfort

Building on our decades of experience of melding design, fine craftsmanship and energy efficiency, our homes today always balance all the critical factors needed for living well in the 21st century. At the core there is the essential internal structure and panelized enclosure that should endure for centuries of service.  We use the timber post and beam supporting system to separate this long-term part of the home from the space plan partitions, fixtures, and finishes that are the shorter term “infill” elements that serve homeowners with ever-changing needs and wishes. In this way, the essential timber frame serves the valuable role of ensuring we don’t compromise long term durability and energy efficiency by providing a built-in opportunity for the home to continually adapt to the occupants.  Therefore, whether expressed or hidden, the timber frame serves a vital role.  


The sculptural form of the timber frame is often expressed within the home as a kind of functional art. Proportion, scale, and a strong emphasis on furniture-quality details are all hallmarks of our homes.   

But depending on your preference, you can celebrate a craft of timber framing, or conceal it if you prefer less timber expression. Either way, combined with our high-performance enclosure system your Bensonwood home will be beautiful, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.  


The timber frame has been used to build barns for centuriesThe sturdy, open spans, and unobstructed floorplans are highly suited for agricultural purposes, equipment storage, studios, workshops, and gathering spaces. We will design a timber frame building customized to meet your needs – achieving the ultimate combination of form and function that will stand the test of time. 

Accessory Buildings

Timber frame pavilions, porches and port cocheres can significantly extend your living space to the outdoors. They make perfect gathering places for family and friends and convenient transitional spaces providing protection from inclement weather. Our outbuildings are designed with the same attention to detail and high standards you have come to expect from Bensonwood. 

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