Our Homes

Custom Homes

Our flexible Unity Homes and OpenHome design systems can be configured to satisfy most client needs, but there are occasional exceptions. If your project requires additional design consideration, we are happy to work with you to develop a custom plan. Regardless of the path, every Bensonwood build incorporates our timber frame elements and our durable building enclosure system. You will benefit from our clean and healthy indoor air environments; a result of airtight envelopes, bio-based non-toxic materials, and advanced ventilation systems. Moreover, you will enjoy the timeless beauty of fine woodworking and handcrafted finishes, the signature of a Bensonwood home.

Our Team
The Bensonwood Design Group is built on the legacy of 50 years' experience designing and building multi-generational homes. The team is comprised of experienced architects and designers, with additional in-house resources including Structural Engineers, Master Timberframers and accomplished Woodworkers. Our design team fosters a collaborative approach with clients and consultants alike.
Our Process
We lead you through a straight-forward design process that is rooted in understanding the goals for your project. Starting with an exploration of your site and programmatic desires, we evaluate and study the potential design solutions using innovative software. 3D walk-throughs and renderings allow us to communicate the design with clarity. Each custom design is distinctive as it is derived from the homeowner’s unique site and design parameters. We provide early and frequent cost estimates in conjunction with your GC to ensure that as the design evolves, it aligns with your budget goals. We exercise care ensuring that you feel heard, supported and informed as we endeavor through the design and build process.
Our Ideology
Bensonwood strives to minimize our impact on the planet, as the most sustainable home is one that lasts generations. We thoughtfully vet and source the materials used in the production of our components and specify safe and healthy bio-based materials to support the wellbeing of our clients. We prioritize an all-electric home to free ourselves from dependency on fossil-fuels. Passive-solar design principals guide the design as we create spaces that are thoughtful in their proportion, form and scale.