Mass Timber

Mass Timber is a strong, low-carbon alternative to concrete and steel. Rapidly renewable wood is harvested and engineered to produce multi-layered wood beams, columns, and panels that are glued or fastened together. Conveying sophisticated warmth and beauty, Mass Timber can be used both for load bearing structures as well as interior finishes.

Our mass timber solutions are ideal for projects requiring an extreme degree of precision and harnessing total project cost savings through efficient installation and reduced construction time.

Our Capabilities

Our highly flexible machine capabilities can fabricate precision cut timber and be configured for intricate cutting and joinery.  Our crews of experienced timber framers provide both the expertise both in the fabrication but also the on-site assembly, frequently bringing a timber superstructure together with a high-performance building envelope.  Whether your project calls for cross-laminated timber, glulam, or a mass timber and insulated panel hybrid, Tektoniks’ advanced timber fabrication facility provides a one-stop solution. 

Why Build with Mass Timber?

Sustainability: Wood is a renewable resource, and using mass timber reduces the carbon footprint of construction projects compared to materials like concrete and steel 

Strength and Durability: Mass timber products are engineered to be strong and durable, with performance characteristics that rival or exceed traditional materials.  An all timber structure is lightweight which can dramatically reduce the size, depth and cost of foundations. 

Speed of Construction: Mass timber components are often prefabricated, which can speed up the construction process and reduce on-site labor schedule and costs. 

Aesthetic Appeal: Mass timber has a natural and warm appearance that many architects and designers find appealing. Exposed wood surfaces can enhance the aesthetics of a building’s interior. 

The Tektoniks Advantage
  • 50 years of embedded intelligence in designing and building with Timber
  • Design Assist for innovative Mass Timber project teams
  • Virtual Fabrication
  • CNC Automation
  • Precise Manufacturing all but eliminates waste
  • Condensed Project schedules
  • Collaborative design, fabrication and experienced installation service partnerships

Project Types

Mass timber transforms commercial spaces, combining sustainability and speed for striking, eco-friendly offices and retail.
Mass timber redefines institutions like schools and healthcare, improving air quality, energy efficiency, and occupant well-being.
Mass timber enhances multifamily projects, offering eco-friendly living spaces with modern design and greater speed of construction.
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