Tektoniks makes Bensonwood’s unique manufacturing system available to the world, preserving the traditional look and feel of hand-crafted architecture while harnessing the precision and consistency of cutting-edge machine technology. Our offsite construction facility can accommodate nearly any wood-based design, but we specialize in energy-efficient multi-family residential, commercial, and institutional builds. Our unique building system is ideal for hybrid projects that wish to combine a panelized building envelope’s efficiency with the structural flexibility of mass timber. Tektoniks building enclosures are suitable for whatever level of thermal efficiency your build requires, and can reach Passive House, Net Zero, and USGBC LEED certification.

Our Capabilities

Bensonwood began as a timber framing company, and our advanced fabrication facilities reflect everything we have learned in the 50 years we’ve been in business. Our mass timber solutions are ideal for Institutional projects requiring an extreme degree of precision, and for large complex scale builds with challenging engineering.

Design Assist

Allow your project to take advantage of our 50 years of embedded intelligence in designing and fabricating with wood. Our beneficial insight into structural strategies combined with sourcing and fabrication of mass timber assemblies can put your project on a course for success. We partner with clients and design teams early in project conception to demystify the world of Mass Timber; allowing for a truly collaborative environment to bring about cost effective and structurally sound solutions. 

Timber Fabrication

Our highly flexible machine capabilities can process timber of any length and be configured for intricate cutting and joinery. Whether your project calls for cross-laminated timber, glulam, or a mass timber and panel hybrid, Tektoniks’ advanced timber fabrication facility can help. 

FSC Certification

We believe in creating structures that perform better, last longer, and reduce the impact on our environment. The benefits of building with wood are supported by our FSC certified processing facility so that any Tektoniks timber can be FSC certified – the gold standard designation for sustainably grown and harvested wood. 

The Tektoniks Advantage
  • Design Assist
  • Virtual Fabrication
  • CNC Automation
  • Precise Manufacturing
  • Experienced In-House Installers
  • Condensed Project Schedules
  • Tangible total Project Cost savings
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Strong collaborations make us all better builders. We look forward to working with your team and learning about your project goals.

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