Architectural Millwork

Our dedicated team of woodworkers are passionate about bringing your architectural millwork project to life. We offer a curated selection of furniture-quality doors, stairs, and trim packages for Bensonwood residential and commercial buildings. We can also build them to fit seamlessly within your own design project.

An Integrated Approach

We want to understand your vision. Our design team creates three-dimensional millwork renderings based on your input; incorporating your choice of sizing, materials, and finishes. The design phase is fluid as we collaborate to ensure your vision and style come to life, fitting seamlessly within the existing home design. Our unique climate-controlled construction facility allows our woodworking team to utilize cutting-edge milling techniques to pre-fabricate the beautiful and precise millwork Bensonwood is internationally known for.  

Exterior Doors

The exterior door is the first encounter someone has with a home. It should be grand, welcoming, well-insulated and secure. We want to work with you on your vision to make sure the feel of your home is a reflection of you, whether it’s a front door made of refurbished wine barrels or rare salvaged Redwood. Our exterior doors are 3 ¼” thick, with much more robust insulation than other standard offerings leading to a fully insulated envelope with no gaps. Our three-point locks, double weather-stripping and high-performance panels create both a secure and energy efficient entryway that is a stunning focal point of your entryway.   

Interior Doors

Our uniquely handcrafted interior doors are created to enhance and complement your overall home design, far exceeding the quality of the standard options. Bensonwood creates interior doors that exceed the quality look and finish level available from most millwork suppliers, with more robust panels made to last for generations. Our doors are expertly made to meet your design specifications, whether based off an existing design or fully custom. As with the timber frame, we fabricate and assemble the doors using accurate mortise-and-tenon joinery, with stop-chamfer detailing on stiles and rails and a soft-close cushion that eliminates slamming and rattling. 

Stairs and Balusters

Our stair and baluster designs range from architectural focal points to subtle accent pieces that can be tailored to your specific taste. We work closely with you on your customizations, designed to suit both the home and your personal style. Some of the ways you can personalize your millwork package is through your choice of wood species, handrail style, finish and whether to use mixed materials such as wood and metal. 

 If building your house with an outside architect, once you have selected the stair style you like, your architect can help incorporate the selection so that it complements the overall design of your home. We carefully plan the stairway placement, which is especially important for new timber frame houses since openings in the floor system need precise cutouts during the design and construction phase. Once the millwork project is complete, we carefully package and send it out as a custom kit, ready for on-site installation as a special addition to your home. 

Interior Window and Door Trim

We offer interior window and door trim that is expertly created in our woodshop. We start with high quality, clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir wood and mill it to specification. The milling process includes fabricating extension jambs integrated with a slip joint with the trim itself. This adjustable joint, between the extension jamb and the trim, dramatically speeds up the installation of the trim on site by accommodating variations in window installation and wall thickness. After sanding the trim components, we pre-finish and pre-assemble the trim frames for windows up to four 4 x 4 foot, sometimes larger. 

Complete Millwork Package

Our Entry Doors, Interior Doors, Stairs and Trim may be purchased on their own, however, they are most often selected as a full package to complement and elevate a new home – our design, or yours.  Our prefinished woodworking components are designed to install quickly with minimal disruption to jobsites. We build these components in the shop while the GC on site is focused on electrical, plumbing, HVAC and wall finishes. That parallel processing means our homes are ready to move into much quicker than site-built homes.   

Bensonwood millwork provides a combination of craftsmanship and technology that results in beautiful products made to cabinetmaker tolerances.  We responsibly source the finest Douglas Fir and hardwoods as well as reclaimed materials and everything is made in our shops so there is no waste at the building site. 

Let's discuss your Millwork Project

Furniture-quality Bensonwood Millwork is beautifully and expertly crafted to accompany a broad range of design styles. Work with our team to learn how you can integrate these elements into your next project.

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