What We Build

Designs by Bensonwood

Bensonwood mixes cutting edge technology and design with timeless craftsmanship to create homes that are as beautiful as they are energy-efficient.

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With our Collaborators

Tektoniks offers our offsite construction and high-performance building systems to partner builders and designers from the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

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Production Facility

Why Bensonwood

For over fifty years, Bensonwood has made it our passion to deliver the very best quality outcomes to the greatest number of people. We’re focused on changing the world with each new project we undertake, and today, that means leveraging our time-tested techniques combined with cutting edge manufacturing. We push ourselves and our work toward the highest standards of performance and sustainability. As a construction partner, we tackle the hardest challenges of any project and offer our clients a way to reduce risk, improve performance and live better.

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Timber Frame Early Days

Our Company

In the 1970s, Tedd Benson brought the lost art of timber frame construction back into fashion in North America by writing a definitive book, creating a company, and starting a movement that would quickly span the globe.  The company he created, today known simply as Bensonwood, has evolved to become a nationally recognized leader in sustainable building and offsite, factory-built construction.

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