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Unity Homes

Homes built to the highest standards developed through the extensive experience of Bensonwood, utilizing a system that simplifies the design process. You get a comfortable, efficient home for less with appealing designs and high-performance details in a short time frame.

Performance by Design.
All Unity Homes are based on our five platforms, which have been optimized for cost and performance. During the design process, we configure the platforms to meet the needs of particular sites as well as design programs and budgets, using a catalog of predesigned parts that fit together in specific ways. Our innovative design system and precision off-site manufacturing ensure that comfort, health, energy efficiency and resilience are built into every Unity Home.
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Why Unity?
We developed Unity’s unique design system and streamlined process to accommodate a wider range of budgets, and to provide greater value to our clients. The benefits of our system include predictable costs, construction schedules and building performance.
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Unity Zum at Sunset
Unity Homes and Bensonwood.
Unity Homes was founded in 2012 as a brand of Bensonwood, with the goal of making the high quality of Bensonwood accessible to a broader market. Both companies share the same standards and values, and are led by founder Tedd Benson.
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A Unity Zum