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Custom prefab panels and
mass timber components
for construction professionals

Modern construction requires a modern building solution.

Tektoniks makes Bensonwood’s unique manufacturing system available to the world, preserving the traditional look and feel of hand-crafted architecture while harnessing the precision and consistency of cutting edge machine technology. Our off-site construction facility can accommodate nearly any wood-based design, but we specialize in energy-efficient multi-family residential, commercial, and institutional builds. Our unique building system is ideal for hybrid projects that wish to combine a panelized building envelope's efficiency with the structural flexibility of mass timber. Tektoniks building enclosures are suitable for whatever level of thermal efficiency your build requires, and can reach Passive House, Net Zero, and USGBC LEED certification.

Manage more projects in less time.

Traditional construction relies on a myriad of unpredictable factors – from the weather to skilled labor availability. Scheduling setbacks cost time and money, and one careless worker can jeopardize an entire project – and your reputation. Every step of your Tektoniks build is managed by our experienced team of CAD and construction experts, minimizing the potential for errors and maximizing quality for a superior finished product.

Manage more projects in less time.

The alternative to traditional construction.

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Project Types

Our flexible floor, wall, and roof panels are suitable for whatever level of thermal efficiency your build requires, and can reach Passive House, Net Zero, and USGBC LEED certification. Our timber processing and production facility is ideal for projects requiring glulam, cross-laminated timber, or a mass timber and panel system hybrid.

Building Enclosures

Panelized building envelope system

A Tektoniks building enclosure system is ideal for projects targeting high-performance standards, and for builds that can’t risk the unpredictability of on-site construction. Our panelized building enclosures are fully-customizable and suitable for any project type with several configurations to suit your specific needs.

Off-site construction

Off-site prefabrication in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility guarantees a higher quality, more consistently built structure, with greater cost certainty and faster turnaround than traditional construction methods.

Building envelope design

Building enclosures designs work with heavy timber structural systems for larger projects, and Tektoniks panelized building enclosures are compatible with all foundation types. All enclosures work seamlessly with heavy timber structural systems for larger projects.

Factory-Controlled Environment
modern texas prefab exterior 3

Finished Wall Systems

tektoniks panel line 2

Tektoniks Panel Fabrication


Timber Frame

Heavy timber + mass timber construction

Bensonwood began as a timber framing company, and our advanced fabrication facilities reflect everything we have learned in the 40+ years we’ve been in business. Our mass timber solutions are ideal for projects requiring an extreme degree of precision, and for large complex scale builds with challenging engineering.

Timber Fabrication

Our highly flexible machine capabilities can process timber of any length and be configured for intricate cutting and joinery. Whether your project calls for cross-laminated timber, glulam, or a mass timber and panel hybrid, Tektoniks’ advanced timber fabrication facility can help.

FSC Certification

We believe in creating structures that perform better, last longer, and reduce the impact on our environment. The benefits of building with wood are supported by our FSC certified processing facility so that any Tektoniks timber can be FSC certified – the gold standard designation for sustainably grown and harvested wood.

Kelco timber details

Forty Years of Timberframe


Mass Timber Projects

Mall Haus Gables Mass Timber

Custom Millwork

Doors stairs and trim

Details matter. That’s why we offer custom millwork for every Tektoniks project. Our library of finishes includes interior and exterior doors, stairs, and trim.

Interior + Exterior Doors

Our doors are crafted to enhance and complement your Tektoniks design. A selection of designs and finishes for interior and exterior doors are handcrafted and expertly assembled to meet your design specifications.

Stairs + Balusters

Our unique OpenBuilt® design system allows us to create, mill, and assemble custom stairs, balusters, and rails precisely and efficiently at our off-site construction facility. Materials, sizing, and finish can be customized and viewed as a three-dimensional rendering during your project's design period.

Style Guide for Stairs

Door + Window Trim

Bensonwood interior window and door trim are created and assembled in our shop in much the same way beautiful furniture is. We start with high quality, bright, vertical grain Douglas fir and mill it to specification.

Bensonwood design|build trailside ski house
Tektoniks Custom Stairs

Custom Stair Systems

Bensonwood long island modern living room

Door + Window Trim

Delivering Superior

Building Results.

Tektoniks from Bensonwood marries the skill and craftsmanship of traditional construction with the efficiency and control of factory prefabrication.

Every step of your build is managed by our experienced team of CAD and construction experts, minimizing the potential for errors and maximizing quality for a superior finished product. Our unique building system standardizes the construction process, expertly managing every step of the build so you don’t have to.

Our team of CAD experts begins by virtually building your engineered design, assessing every detail down to the placement of individual nails, before sending it to our state-of-the-art manufacturing floor for construction.

Precision robotics execute your plans exactly as they were written, ensuring a superior build and an exact fit when components are joined together on-site.

Finished elements are inspected and physically tested in-house, before being wrapped and shipped to location for final assembly.

How it Works


Submit Design

Submit your PDF design set with specifications, along with the 3D CAD design files. We will provide an initial professional consultation with your team to determine whether the Tektoniks systems meet the project requirements and budgetary expectations. Additional specialty engineering and estimating services are available with our Tektoniks specialists.


Virtual Review

Once your stamped drawings have been approved, a CAD expert with project-specific field experience will virtually render your design before construction begins. Every nail, joint, and connection point is thoroughly vetted and reviewed, allowing us to catch and remedy any potential design issues before building begins.



Your design now moves to our factory floor, where precision robotics construct your design exactly as it was drawn. Experienced CAD builders monitor every step of this process, conducting real-time quality control for each integrant. Components are inspected and tested one final time as they come off the manufacturing line, to guarantee an exact fit when they are assembled on site.


Ship + Install

After the finished components pass inspection and review, they are packaged and shipped to the building site where they are installed under the supervision and direction of a Tektoniks building system expert.

Tektoniks Advanced Building Components

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