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“Wow! The crew just uncrated that front door and got it installed yesterday. It is beautiful! What a fine piece of workmanship. Please share my comments with your millwork guys. Man, am I glad we went with the Bensonwood trim package. It is beautiful and the details are very thought out! Be sure to share my comments with your millwork guys. They do awesome work!”  – Bradley K.

woodworking shop crewPeople enjoy Bensonwood homes because of their unique aesthetic. They also enjoy the close collaboration they have with Bensonwood during the design process. A key component to what makes a Bensonwood home a “Bensonwood Home” is the beautiful, efficient, spare forms that make up our millwork.

The “Bensonwood” look can be found in our interior doors, trim, stairs, wainscoting, flooring, and fireplace mantels. These components can be created from any wood, but we most often use southern yellow pine, Douglas fir, redwood, cherry, oak, birch, and mahogany. Our full-featured millwork shop uses the same 3D files as our timber frame and panel shops, allowing us to pre-build much of the trim in our shop, simplifying site work. As part of Open-Built® disentangling, baseboards and ceiling panels are demountable or removable, allowing non-destructive access to services. Our woodworking craftsmen are as skilled and passionate as the rest of our staff, meaning that your doors and stairs will be true showcases.
Because of our Open-Built process, Bensonwood homes are designed and modeled in three dimensions, which results in extremely fine tolerances. That means Bensonwood millwork, such as window casings and stairs, can be prebuilt and then quickly installed on the job site. This type of job goes so quickly that trim carpenters are often able to install the window trim in an entire Bensonwood house in one day. All Bensonwood trim and millwork components can be selected as part of your millwork package.

Interior Door and Window Trim

window trim installationBensonwood interior window and door trim is created and assembled in our shop in much the same way fine furniture is crafted. We start with high quality, clear, vertical grain Douglas fir and mill it to specification. The milling process includes fabricating extension jambs that are integrated via a “slip joint” with the trim itself. This adjustable joint, between the extension jamb and the trim, greatly speeds the installation of the trim on site by accommodating variations in window installation and wall thickness. After sanding the trim components, we pre-finish them then pre-assemble trim frames for windows up to 4 ft. by 4 ft., sometimes larger.


Interior Doors

33-Dhl_18JUL05-093Bensonwood makes interior doors that exceed the quality, look and finish level available from most millwork suppliers. Our doors are also uniquely designed to enhance and complement the design of your Bensonwood home.

As with the timber frame, we fabricate and assemble the doors using true mortise-and-tenon joinery. Stop-chamfer detailing on stiles and rails, and a soft-close cushion that eliminates slamming and rattling, are touches that also set Bensonwood doors apart from standard offerings.



Interior Door Features

  • Clear, kiln-dried, vertical grain Douglas fir, or other species to complement the timber frame.
  • Mortise-and-tenon joinery; overall thickness 1-3/4 in.
  • Face-sanded.
  • Prefinished.
  • Set up with hinges in fir jambs, pre-bored for passage sets.
  • Soft-close acoustical cushion.
  • Stop-chamfer detailing on stiles and rails.

Custom Fire Doors

bensonwood custom fire doorsBenson Woodworking Company now offers architecturally correct, stile and rail, wood fire doors and jambs, designed and built to meet the highest safety, durability, and aesthetic requirements.

Handcrafted in our Woodworking Shop, our fire doors maintain the same high level of craftsmanship and quality practiced in the construction of our homes. With hand selected materials, fire resistant cores, and stylish designs, we aim to complement the interior of your home while also achieving tested and certified safety ratings.

 Fire Door Features

  • Thick real wood veneers over high-performance intumescent cores.
  • A wide range of material options, including clear kiln-dried vertical grain Douglas fir, quartersawn oak, cherry, walnut, salvage heart pine, as well as most other machinable hardwoods.
  • Traditional mortise-and-tenon rail and stile joinery on 20-minute doors.
  • Five pre-finishing choices.
  • Prehung on steel ball bearing hinges.
  • Door and jamb designs tested and certified by Intertek to achieve 20-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute fire ratings.
  • Complete with full hardware including closers, lever sets, entry hardware, and panic bars.
  • Available in a wide variety of styles and customizable designs.

How They Work

bensonwood custom fire door testingFyrewerks’ Fire Resistant Cores are made by combining intumescent compounds with water-based ingredients and binding agents. When exposed to extreme heat generated from fire, the intumescent properties of the core expand to create an inorganic mass at the door’s core. The result is a passive fire retardant cavity that insulates the door for up to 90 minutes.

Please send all pricing and general inquiries to Click Here for a PDF of our Fire Door Pamphlet.


Bensonwood wall panels have a chase running horizontally at the bottom, to allow for easy routing of electrical wire and communication cables. This chase is covered by our removable baseboard system.

bensonwood open built baseboardbensonwood custom baseboardsThe components of this system are premilled and prefinished to facilitate their efficient installation on site. Prewired outlets fit into the wood “trim rings” as the baseboard is installed. When the time comes to upgrade or alter the wiring—whether it is for additional outlets, for another computer jack, or to serve some soon-to-be-developed technology—the components of the baseboard system can be disassembled, wiring can be added or removed and outlets can be easily relocated.

Stairs and Balusters

bensonwood custom staircaseCareful planning of stairways and their placement is absolutely necessary in timber frame houses because their openings have to be created in the timber-floor system during design and construction.

At Bensonwood, our unique Open-Built® system of design and three-dimensional rendering allows us to create, mill, and assemble custom stairs, balusters, and rails precisely and with great efficiency, at our factory. We supply our stairs, either complete and ready for installation or as a custom kit of parts, to be assembled on site. We will arrange for craftsmen closer to your home to assemble and install the kit.


Deck Railings

Because deck railings create a significant presence on the outside of a home, Bensonwood designs and crafts unique, custom deck rails for many of the homes we build. Because the home is digitally designed, rails and posts can be prebuilt in the factory and then installed onsite with minimal need for cutting, trimming, or altering on site.

Exterior Accent Timbers (“Trimbers”)

trimbers timber frame architetcural detilaSome designs lend themselves to unique exterior trim and siding treatments. In such cases, we will include these architectural detail components in the Bensonwood package. Timber trim components, or “trimbers,” are crafted by woodworkers to match your individual timber frame and home design.



More Millwork

The principal advantage of buying millwork from Bensonwood is the precise detail, customization, and ease of installation that comes from digital design and three-dimensional modeling.

Bensonwood’s 7,000 sq. ft. millwork facility has highly skilled woodworkers dedicated to the craft of making every type of millwork imaginable, to the precise tolerances present in the rest of a Bensonwood home. Most important, the work they create has the subtleties and sensibilities that make it the look and feel that is uniquely Bensonwood. Our specialties include guardrails, wood flooring, built-ins, mantels, benches, and furniture.