November 16, 2023

Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship Approved for Bensonwood by the Department of Labor

We are proud to announce that we will be joining other New Hampshire construction companies in sponsoring a Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship in 2024. This 3-year program was launched in 2021 by ApprenticeshipNH. Apprentices will be full-time employees with benefits at Bensonwood while getting on-the-job training and taking related instruction at NHTI in Concord, NH.

Leaders at Bensonwood see this program as a means of encouraging more young people to join the profession of carpentry and to pursue certification in the field while being employed.

“Educating new associates, each other, clients, partners, and the public about high quality construction is deeply embedded into our culture,” says Employee Success Officer, Emily Benson, “this is formalizing and extending what we have offered new associates for many decades.” Educational exchanges through international apprenticeship programs have been happening in the company since the early 1980s.

Further planning to launch this apprenticeship program successfully will happen over the next few months with the support of grant funds accessed through the Community College System of New Hampshire and Apprenticeship Building America, a program funded by the Department of Labor. The company expects to begin accepting apprentices in the Summer of 2024.

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