August 30, 2022

Timber Framing for the Greater Good

Bensonwood is committed to being involved with our local community. This has meant playing an active role in working for the good of all who live and work here in Walpole, New Hampshire, and nearby towns. This area is known for its range of locally owned businesses, art-and-culture venues, as well as outdoor recreational opportunities. Community participation in a variety of outdoor activities is, in part, what inspired a recent community project, raising the Walpole Pavilion, a classic wooden frame construction.

A number of Bensonwood employees, who live in the area, took part in designing, building and raising this project in a community gathering site. Jeff Coleman, Bensonwood Project Resources Manager, scheduled the production of components and hired Mark Houghton of E.E. Houghton Company, to dig the piers. Bensonwood teams also reached out to local businesses, who contributed mightily to this project through discounts on materials and shipping costs. 

Bensonwood team member, Paul Boa, designed the structure and supervised the raising, while Andrew Dey was an onsite project manager.  Sam Edson, a Bensonwood engineer, volunteered his time and expertise to install the roof along with other Bensonwood team members. 

After 43 years on the Bensonwood team, recently retired member Dennis Marcom, joined us as a volunteer with exceptional timber frame knowledge and experience, to help bring the Walpole Pavilion project to completion. 

As our company approaches its 50-year anniversary, we know the uncompromising quality of our building system is directly linked to the talented team we have been fortunate to work with since our early days. As we continue the tradition of fine building standards, we used the pavilion construction project as a hands-on experience for some of the newer members of our team. 

A job well done – and fast! Group photo provided by Historical Society of Cheshire Country.

Several years ago, Bensonwood also designed/built a timber frame pavilion for the Wyman Tavern, a museum in Keene, NH. 

Throughout the last five decades, designers and builders on the Bensonwood team have worked with Bensonwood’s founder and Principal Steward, Tedd Benson, to revive the art of timber framing while improving the quality of buildings nationwide.  

Timber framing is a building method introduced by European settlers, who recognized timber as a significant natural resource to create durable building projects. Bensonwood sought to reinvigorate the craft of timber framing and continue the commitment to build the highest quality structures. Bringing timber framing’s finest traditions to our work, through innovation, use of modern techniques and technology, along with our commitment to the environment, responsible building practices, use of quality materials and modern techniques, has helped define Bensonwood’s reputation.

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