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Builder Online Features Tektoniks


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Tektoniks Panel Fabrication Line

Keene, NH

Sarah Kossayda


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Sarah Kossayda


Author, John McManus, wrote about the launch of our new prefabricated building component brand, Tektoniks, in his article titled,  A New Brand to Scale Off-Site Design, Engineering and Construction: Tektoniks.

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We are especially pleased with McManus's ability to capture why the launch of Tektoniks so strongly resonates with Bensonwood's mission of improving people's lives:

"For some, it's not a question of if, but when. For some people, it's not a question of eliminating labor or laborers from the process of making homes capable of lasting three or four or five generations, ones that perform at the highest energy, water, air quality and other systems and building envelope levels, and ones that operate safely and with efficiency, ones that live comfortably, and ones [that] are attainable to people who make average livings.

For some, it's less a matter of subtracting labor, and more about blending human effort and expertise with technology in ways that draw on the best of both--artisanal knowledge, craftsmanship, insistence on getting it right, accuracy, speed, adaptability, care, etc. etc.--and ways that produce value. The only subtraction to speak of involves taking out of the building and real estate work stream every step that does not ultimately produce value to the home buyer and resident."

Further, the article explains why the building industry is ripe for prefabricated building components:

"The economic equation in what the team at Bensonwood and Unity are up to here is simple. It goes like this: If the people who work on producing a home have the expertise, the tools, and the sense of purpose to generate value for people who buy and live in the new homes, then a business model that eliminates waste and, worse, indifference from the start-to-completion construction process can be profitable. To build better, it's self-evident, it's economically worth it to all stakeholders. So what does "build better" mean? Benson likes to look at measures that pass down from time immemorial, expressed by Roman artillery designer and architect Vitruvius. Durability, function, beauty, and Benson would add, economic attainability, are the essential raw materials of "building better." It means value up and down the chain of events whose outcome is a family living in a home and community."

Read more at Builder Online and reach out to us to discuss how Tektoniks could benefit your next project. REVIT templates of the panelized enclosures are available by emailing