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Builder Online Features Tedd Benson and Tektoniks


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New Builder Online article about off-site construction and the future of American housing featuring Tektoniks and Tedd Benson. The fourth installment of a nine-part series on getting builders to address and deal with the skilled labor shortage in the residential building sector, by getting them to change the way they do business.

BUILDER Verbatim: Home Building's Off-Site All-Stars

Six leading-edge crusaders offering a bottom-line take on why factory off-site construction is the future of American housing.

"We have extremely efficient and precise manufacturing equipment linked to highly advanced software, while also using Lean practices to eliminate waste, perfect the products, and empower people at all levels. The equipment and technology augment and complement human skills and capabilities, making jobs safer, less brawn-reliant, and more sustainable. "

Tedd Benson