Bensonwood Apprenticeships

Consistent with Bensonwood’s core value of Continuous Improvement, training and development have always been critical to our culture, and foundational to the quality of our work. Interns and apprentices from all over the world come to work beside us every year. These relationships are enriching experiences for all of us, as we collectively advance knowledge in our professions. In 2024, Bensonwood is proud to introduce our partnership with ApprenticeshipNH and the development of two nationally certified registered apprenticeship programs.

Earn while learning traditional and advanced construction methods

Working under the guidance of our master builders, you will gain experience in three cutting-edge climate controlled production facilities and on job sites in exciting locations. Paired with instruction at higher educational facilities in New Hampshire, these programs allow you to develop valuable career skills in a supportive and professional environment.

Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship

Our Registered Carpentry Apprenticeship program provides a broad classroom education in traditional carpentry and on-the-job training in each of our specialized production facilities and job sites around the country. Each provides an opportunity for the apprentice to engage with the material, creating both context and real-world application. This dual approach aims to create a more immersive learning experience: leading to long term success.

Registered Sustainable Prefabricated Construction Apprenticeship

Sustainable prefabrication building is a fast-growing segment of the construction industry. The demand for their high-quality, energy-efficient buildings is rapidly increasing, and sustainable prefabrication has significant advantages over traditional construction. These include: reduced environmental impact, energy efficiency, improved quality control, and improved safety for workers.

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