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Launching New Brand: TEKTONIKS


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Sarah Kossayda


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Sarah Kossayda

Manufacturing of Advanced Building Components:

Closed Panel Enclosure Systems, Timber Fabrication, and Architectural Millwork

A new 110,000-square-foot building component manufacturing facility in Keene, New Hampshire, is supporting a new Bensonwood brand: Tektoniks.


Our Building Systems

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High-Quality, High-Performance

Tektoniks’ technology platform offers efficient and precise production of high performance and high-quality wood-based panels and structures through the new manufacturing facility and the existing facilities in Walpole, NH. Once manufactured, the components are then efficiently transported and assembled on-site using a “montage” system of construction. This method saves enormous amounts of time and also improves quality and consistency. Bensonwood projects have incorporated off-site manufacturing and on-site montage construction for all timberframe and high performance building projects for decades.

“Tektoniks allows the building industry — architects, builders, construction managers and even competitors — to use our building systems, timber fabrication and millwork products directly. This brand will also allow us to connect more broadly to the industry with proven systems, and world-class manufacturing capability.”




Tektoniks component production provides the following benefits to builders and architects:

  • Lower Cost in Less Time

    Scales building efficiencies by removing time and costs from building development and construction, radically transforming the traditional build cycle.

  • Sustainable Building

    Reduces the environmental impact of construction through less waste by volume optimization and more opportunity for recycling.

  • Quality Assurance

    Offers a more direct line from design to execution, reducing the possibility for error.

  • Off-Site Fabrication

    Enables close integration between factory and the construction site; a “montage” method of assembling the precisely manufactured components results in increased productivity and quality control, keeping costs down.

Integrated branding

The goal of Tektoniks is to bring production capacity outside of Bensonwood and Unity Homes, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bensonwood.

“We want to allow others to take advantage of the efficiency and quality inherent in our off-site fabrication facilities. This off-site fabrication method of construction can significantly improve the way people build homes and other buildings.”



Sustainability and durability

The new manufacturing facility takes Bensonwood’s 45 years of experience in off-site fabrication and applies them to an industry that is primed to take advantage of the time savings and quality improvements. A website outlining the Tektoniks products will be launched in the coming year.

Need to Talk?

For Building Professionals

Reach out to Bensonwood directly to learn more or call 603-756-3600.