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Through process and product, improving people's lives.

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Through process and product, improving people's lives.

Our Company

The Bensonwood Story and Team

What we do

Bensonwood designs homes that matter — to us, to building professionals, to homeowners. Our homes are designed and built sustainably using a whole house approach that follows the process from design to move-in. Our ultra-precise off-site fabrication makes the entire process not only fast, but as low-stress and seamless as possible for both the building professional and the homeowner. Our team of dedicated employees enjoy working on projects of every size, and collaborating with both homeowners and designers to make vibrant, lasting, healthy buildings.

“With peoples’ lives as our focus, there’s no such thing as ‘good enough;’ there’s always something we can improve.”

Tedd Benson


A New England Tradition

You can say that Bensonwood’s history began with New England’s building history. The pioneers of this region created durable, honestly-crafted buildings framed in heavy timbers, and held together by mortise-and-tenon joinery. This timberframe form of construction was dominant in buildings in America until the late 1800s. After that, new building methods, the westward expansion and the increasing need to build quickly, slowly led to the demise of the timberframing craft in this country.

In 1974, Tedd Benson became intrigued by these remarkable timberframed houses and barns — many of which had stood for more than two centuries. Impressed with the durability and beauty of these structures, he worked to revive the ancient craft of timberframing for contemporary homes using modern tools and methods.

His passion for timberframing quickly got the attention of the region’s dedicated woodworkers and Benson Woodworking Company was formed. Together, Tedd and his co-workers refined the forgotten craft of framing buildings with heavy timbers for modern living. The collaboration of this group led to a series of innovative ideas; many of which are still being used today at Bensonwood. And as the company has grown, the relentless drive and enthusiasm to create better building strategies has continued.

Our History

The Bensonwood Story

Our Team

The Beam Team

Our Team

Remarkably, some of the original team members that joined Tedd in his timberframe home building adventure have remained with the company after 40+ years. Other employees — from those in manufacturing to architecture and construction — count their employment with Bensonwood not in years, but decades. The longevity and dedication of the Bensonwood team is unusual in the building industry; but we see it as testament to our passion and dedication to building homes that matter.


Bensonwood Today

Today, we have more than 100 people working toward one common goal: to create better homes and commercial structures for a more fulfilling living experience today, and a future that is sustainable for generations.

Bensonwood: We build homes that matter.

Let us help you build a home that is right for you: From traditional timberframe to energy-efficient hybrid.


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