Pricing Simplified

At Bensonwood, we aim to provide you with a transparent understanding of our pricing and to help you budget for all costs associated with building your home.  Our website features budgets for your finished home.  These are meant as whole-home, base level costs which vary due to several factors. 

The Bensonwood portion of the home includes the following: 

  1. Our standard high performance panelized exterior shell (fabricated and installed)
  2. Exterior windows and doors (supplied and installed in our factory)
  3. Some finishes and fixtures as defined by each platform (supply only.) Finishes that we can supply include such elements as architectural millwork, wood doors, stairs, and screen porch panels – all designed specifically for our OpenHome and Unity Homes platforms. These elements are typically installed on site by your General Contractor (GC.) Please refer to the detailed scope chart below.

Factors Influencing Costs

There are several factors beyond our base costs that can significantly impact your project budget:

  1. Location: The location of your building site is a crucial cost driver. Shipping materials and our site crews from New Hampshire adds costs, especially for distant sites. Local trade rates, like plumbers and electricians, can also vary widely by location.
  2. Site Development: Site development costs are separate and can substantially affect your budget. Consider utility work, excavation, ledge removal, and landscaping when planning your project.
  3. Size & Complexity: The size and complexity of your project influence pricing. Some design elements, like complex roof and wall conditions or oversized doors and windows, add to labor and material costs. 
  4. Supply Chain: Material and shipping prices can fluctuate. While we aim to stay ahead of these changes by providing multiple cost estimates and budget allowances, some costs may vary over the project’s duration.

While we can provide accurate estimates for the elements that we supply, the costs to complete the other aspects of the house vary.  Those other costs, as conveyed on our website, are based on historical averages and not specific to a project.

Let’s talk!

Our website provides base-level pricing options, but we understand that every project is unique. For a more accurate understanding of your project’s costs, we encourage you to reach out to our project development team. We are here to help you navigate the cost drivers specific to your project. Contact us today for a personalized conversation.