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Custom prefab homes from sustainable architecture pioneers Lake|Flato, KieranTimberlake, and Bensonwood.

Better living through smarter design.

Introducing OpenHome, a design system from sustainable architecture pioneers LakelFlato, KieranTimberlake, and Bensonwood. Sustainably built and designed to exceed all current expectations for home health, comfort, and style, every OpenHome design can be built to Passive House certification standards - reflecting our shared belief that meeting the needs of today's generation should never come at the expense of tomorrow's.

Visionary Design

OpenHome reimagines home construction, offering three unique architectural styles to serve as launch points for your custom design. Each style reflects the unique aesthetic of the designing firm while incorporating the group's collective expertise and insights of the group.

Visionary Design

Reimagining home construction by offering three styles to start your custom design.

Select A Design


Select a Design Style

Is your dream home a handcrafted timberframe with multiple floors, or is it a wide-open modern single-story with abundant indoor-outdoor living possibilities? Perhaps a modular set-up with multiple fully-enclosed spaces of varying sizes is more your speed. Whatever you’ve imagined, OpenHome’s unique design styles can be configured to meet nearly every custom home building dream. Start by selecting the architect that best suits your aesthetic.

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Configure Your Design


Configure Your Design Layout

Your building lot, landscape, space requirements, and personal aesthetic will inform your custom home's layout. Together we'll review your site survey and work as a team to create an OpenHome configuration that embraces your wants and needs. Your unique design is created by stacking and arranging individual base modules, which come together to form the core of your custom home.

Develop Floorplans


Develop Your Floor Plans

Once the layout is configured, your design team will guide your development of a detailed floor plan. OpenHome's streamlined design system offers an extensive selection of kitchen, bath, and flex space layouts to work with as we map your custom home configuration. Extension modules of varying sizes can be added to any base module to make the space bigger. Our unique grid-based design system gives you broad flexibility, enabling rooms to be scaled larger as needed without additional structural engineering. Each OpenHome is unique and personal to you. We'll listen to your ideas and ask questions about your requirements and priorities.

Architectural Finishes


Architectural Finishes

OpenHome's healthy and sustainable finishes suit a wide range of styles and aesthetics and work across every design platform. Our curated selection of finishes and fixtures are free from all chemicals and pollutants identified in The Red List, a comprehensive list of toxic materials prevalent in the building industry. Choose from handcrafted interior trim, doors, and casements. Explore our flooring options, trim, doors, cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, and appliances with confidence, knowing they won't compromise your family's health.

Fabrication + Installation


Fabrication + Installation

Once the design is finalized, your home's components are fabricated in our highly efficient, state-of-the-art facilities. The climate-controlled environment protects your investment by shielding sensitive materials from the building elements, improving build quality, and reducing construction time. We take quality control seriously. Third-party verification by TR Arnold confirms and certifies code compliance and provides quality assurance at every step of the building process.

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