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Why Wood is So Good: Part 1

Part One—Wood is Nature’s Gift By Rick Reynolds If wood didn’t “grow on trees,” so to speak, we would have had to invent it. The material is truly a stroke of genius, compliments of Mother Nature. As an all-natural product, wood is multi-layered, which gives it great tensile strength: its cellulose is bound by a [...]

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A Chance to Connect: Part 2

A Chance to Connect The UMASS Mass Timber “Integrated Design Building” Project Part 2 By Rick Reynolds The new mass timber Integrated Design Building under construction at UMass represents more to the University and the greater community it serves than meets the eye. As the first mass timber structure of its size and scale in [...]

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Why Wood is So Good: Part 2

Part 2—Engineered Wood: The World’s Most Advanced Building Material By  Rick Reynolds and Paul van Winkle  While it’s difficult to improve on Mother Nature, progressive architects, engineers, builders, and manufacturers are introducing more and more advanced manufactured wood products into the built environment. From cross laminated timbers (CLTs), to glulam lumber and heavy timbers, to [...]

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A Chance to Connect: Part 1

The UMASS Mass Timber “Integrated Design Building” Project  By Rick Reynolds  The University of Massachusetts Amherst, is a public research university in Amherst, MA, the flagship of the University of Massachusetts system. As part of its aggressive carbon sequestration goals, UMass also has a keen interest in keeping the sustainable forestry industry healthy. With its [...]

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Tedd Benson Receives Granite State Award

Speaks at 2016 Keene State College Graduation Ceremony  By Rick Reynolds Speaking at the 2016 Keene State College graduation ceremony, Tedd Benson graciously received the Granite State Award, expressing his gratitude to all who nominated him. The Granite State Award is conferred on leaders whose contributions to New Hampshire merit special commendation. Nominees were selected [...]

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