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A Home Grown Solution

How our housing can help keep carbon out of the atmosphere By Rick Reynolds There’s a whisper campaign among some climate scientists and industrialists involving a technology they say could pull us back from the brink. Dubbed “direct air capture,” it involves industrial plants that act like photosynthesizing plants in capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and [...]

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To Build a Basketball Barn

A private family function hall and recreation space rises in winter Who doesn’t love a barn? The honest, soaring volumes. The heavy timbers. The warmth and patina of wood. Now imagine a barn that encloses a private family function hall, complete with a 30-foot high vaulted half-basketball court, a lofted party space and recreation area—then throw [...]

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Martin Luther King Jr. on Ecological Equality

By Rick Reynolds (Photo from Creative Commons) Say what? Ecological equality??  While most Americans know about Martin Luther King Jr.’s enormous contribution to the struggle for social equality, fewer, I suspect, are aware of his views on ecological equality. As an employee of Bensonwood, where social and environmental consciousness has been rooted in its mission [...]

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