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The Endless Summer (or why I need a high-performance building envelope)

by Rick Reynolds Those of us living in the teeth-chattering deepfreeze of the northern tiers (and in houses built not that long ago) can only dream of living in the high performance houses of today. When the outside temperatures seem to tunnel through the walls and into one’s hands and feet despite the furnace running…

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Green School Movement Building with Bensonwood

by Rick Reynolds In the growing movement towards green schools as transformational hubs of their communities, Bensonwood is finding its montage building science and innovative materials use increasingly in demand. As a recent example, the Common Ground School—a high school, urban farm, and environmental center in New Haven, Connecticut (and Americas longest-running environmental charter school)…

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Making a Difference: An Interview with Rheannon DeMond

by Rick Reynolds Q: Rheannon, you were one of 18 young professionals recently chosen by Business Monadnock, the Keene Sentinel, and the Keene Young Professionals Network for their annual “Trendsetters Awards”: the honor awarded to individuals who “contributed to the region’s economy and vitality.” You also just received your Passive House certification. Starting with the…

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